COM0015, Blog 2: Photography on Social Media: The Good and the Not-So-Good

Perhaps the strongest social media strategy I’ve been from a follower’s perspective is at the National Gallery of Canada. They share a lot of information about what exhibits they have, retweet what other people are posting and only occasionally make a sales pitch. The National Gallery has Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts, making full use of the major social media platforms. What makes their social media strategy so impressive is how they use each platform differently, with little overlap of images or other content. A Facebook post about the new Canadian Photography Institute provides interesting information and images. They retweet quite a bit from their followers and following, and not just my share of their tweet on the Josef Sudek exhibit. Of course, it is the season for gift giving and the National Gallery does do some sales promotion, but it keeps the sales to a minimum.

Not quite as good is ViewBug because it shares articles freely and highlights many different photographers, not just the winners of its contests. It has Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn (although just launched three months ago with three posts and nothing more) accounts. But what surprises me from a photo-sharing website, is that ViewBug has an Instagram account. I mostly monitor ViewBug’s Twitter account, which is often repeated on Google+ (an area that needs improvement), not only shares serious articles like Photography: From Hobby To Full Time Job and Top Tips to Become a Great Fashion Photographer, but has fun sharing photographers’ images.

One would never know by visiting the Vistek website that they even have social media accounts because there are no logos or links to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and whatever other platforms they may use. As well as having too many advertising posts that directly sell to followers, Vistek spends more time with drones than cameras. Even its Facebook posts to its own blog is direct sales marketing. Its YouTube channel provides some how-to videos, which can be handy, but they end with a statement to “Pick up a [insert product here] from today!” Rarely does Vistek retweet messages. Having a constant stream of ads only leads to people unfollowing them. Vistek needs to spend more time interacting with the photography community and joining or starting conversations. They need to start listening to the various conversations. Once they have a feel for that, they should start commenting and sharing their expertise on those conversations. All of this will help inform them about what photographers want and need to be able to provide that. Asking for feedback would also help them engage their audience.

COM0015 – Blog Post #1 Social Media Tools and Sources

If you asked me what my favourite social media tool was a year ago or even six month ago I would have answered very differently. I am using social media in a very different way as I venture from personal use to professional use.

Pintrest. What girl wouldn’t love Pintrest? My first encounter with Pintrest was overwhelming to say the least, like a kid in a candy store. That quickly changed, as a graphic designer I just gained millions of mentors.

I have recently discovered Hootsuite and I am a big fan. I’ve been a bit of a scatter brains these days so being able to see the activity of Facebook and Twitter in one spot is my kind of thing. And  AutoSchedule is a great tool for getting the word out.

Google Alert and Twitter are news sources that I like and use the most. I set the parameters of what I am looking for and I customize to suite my personal and professional needs. There is so much noise out there, with Google Alerts and Twitter I get exactly what I want. Definitely helps with the scatter brains issue.

I’m learning that social media is more than keeping in touch with friends on Facebook, social media is being used by many different people, for many different reasons, in many different ways and I am finding out just how to make social media work for me.

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