Move Over People – Pets Are Taking Over Instagram

Are pet influencers really influencers?  Or are many of us following accounts like: Mr. Pokee, Esther the Wonder Pig and Grumpy Cat simply because the content makes us smile?

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I will be honest the content posted on various pet-inspired Instagram accounts does not really affect my decision-making for my own pet. I do not choose one brand over another because a cute little kitty is wearing a branded, pink, bedazzled jump suit. What it does do however, is cut through all the negativity and heavy content on social media.  I scroll through my feed, see cute puppy pics, and I am instantly reminded that things in my life are not that bad.  That being said, it is no wonder that pet accounts actually out perform human accounts on Instagram (Rabimov, 2018).

Popular accounts like Doug The Pug and Nala Cat each have millions of followers, moreover, each grosses over $15,000 USD per post!  Even higher than that is JiffPom who makes over $45,000 USD per post (, 2020).  Many of these accounts have sponsorship agreements with companies like TikTok, Target and Banana Republic.  Some have even appeared in commercials along side celebrities like Miranda Lambert and the Katy Perry (, 2020).  Obviously, there is something to be said about social media influencers, specifically pet influencers, because large international brands are paying big bucks to engage with their followers. There must be a reason (and results) if companies are continuing to include this type of digital engagement in their marketing and sponsorship budgets.

But in the end, if you want an instant cuteness overload to brighten your day, check out some of my favourite Instagram accounts (by the way, I’m a dog person so they are mostly puppy-centric):

What are your favourite pet Instagram accounts to follow? (Shameless plug, my miniature golden doodle and his best friend pit bull have their own Instagram account, check them out at Fluffy and his Doodle)

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