COM0014 Blog Post 5 – Personal Branding

PersRESILIENCYonal branding is not something new.  According to Wikipedia “self positioning and all individual branding by whatever name, was first introduced in 1937 in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.”  What it seems to boil down to is effectively marketing oneself.  Apart from branding, though the exercise is something we all should do, the self-analysis can be uncomfortable.  It makes one really dig deep into what (perhaps) really makes us tick.  I gave it a try and this is what I came up with.

When I think of personal qualities or traits that set us apart, initially I stumble.  First off because I really do not know the personal traits of my competitors.  Secondly, some qualities or traits that strengthen ones position in one area, could weaken (what could be a strong trait) in another.  So with that said…what comes to mind for me is (R & R) I know I am resilient, and I am relentless.  And the reason I am so resilient is that my life has not been easy, and I faced many challenges that knocked me back.  Did I let them stand in the way?  Yes….for many years, but as I began to mature I soon realized I had a distinct advantage and that advantage was things that hit some people hard, rarely affected me –they seemed small in light of many of the challenges I had to overcome.  I had something in this ‘resiliency’ that to most was hard to come by.  When that light bulb went off in my head (my ‘aha’ moment) my disadvantage quickly turned to advantage with that conscience shift in thinking.

In order to stand out from the crowd I decided to use that resiliency and be less fearful, take chances and just let the cards fall where they may.  I have worked to inject a fresh take on new media for the CRI.  Not that my strategy hasn’t been thought of, but I am helping some traditional marketing people think in non- traditional marketing ways.  Was I knocked back?  Did they constantly say no way?  Yes, and yes.  Two years in, are they now on board with learning and utilizing social media? Yes.

My colleagues would say I am relentless…… but in a nice way.  I know when to step back, but I also have a knack of seeing an advantage point and working towards it.  And, there are many opportunities to do this with new media.  Our team now understands the value of incorporating social media into all facets of our work.  This resilient behavior has helped me to stay on course, stay true to my goals, and work towards exploring areas that may not of been available to me…. if not for resiliency.