COM0011: Filter your digital world


filter  SOCIAL media became less social on a person-to-person basis, for me, after University.  My time was more limited.  Networking circles shrunk.  I stopped being consumed by grapevine tidbits.  I’ve joined enough platforms … fine-tuned their privacy settings to my liking.

Selectively exposed, like a tastefully revealing outfit, I’ve become comfortable with Digital Me.  Social media then became a resource for interests, a portal for my views, and a window to global discussion.  All the Joins and Sign Ups are now optional; they are now places I visited if I had the time.  It’s now time to be comfortable with my Digital World, and I did this using



Here are some actions I’ve taken to filter my digital world:

#1. Facebook Newsfeed – edited
You can now tweak Facebook to only present you with content you specifically choose.  This might be a solution to the oversharing problem of others, Jodi!

a.  Adding people to your Acquaintance List won’t display their posts.
I still want to stay in contact with them, but to know the on-goings of my nearest and dearest people would mean going through so much content that my scrollbar shrinks down to the size of a lima bean. :\ You can create more lists other than this, too, such as: University Friends, Co-workers… Restricted (aka my parents).

b.  Did you like Lady Gaga but want a Gaga-free newsfeed? Do this.
By the way, this was just an example. I like my Lady Gaga updates!

c.  And lastly, I just denied a Pepper Panic Saga life request from my Aunt.  Forever.

#2: Twitter lists
I use twitter to get news updates from the numerous topics I’m interested in.  If you follow over, let’s say, 300 people and have everyone in one list, reading the first 100 tweets in your feed may just represent only the last minute but an HOUR of your time.
I created lists to categorize the subject, so if I feel like catching up on political news, I have a list for people like Lisa Laflamme!


#3: E-mail labels (Gmail)
The result of all my signing up and joining needed a solution. The answer was through archiving. I did this mainly for newsletters.  Newsletters for mechandise. Newsletters for social change petitions. I don’t want to unsubscribe because who knows – that online deal might apply – so I applied a filter and archive them all under different ‘labels’.  Gmail users wanting to do this? Here’s how.


HAVE you taken similar measures?
Have we become digital content hoarders?
Always needing to filter because we want to be in tune to it all but can’t and only read <5%?
Are you in this course for public engagement?  How do we engage others while everyone’s filtering?


COM0011 – Blog Post 6: Effective Content

Eventually, my personal brand will be that of a communications, media, and design guru, so I will draw from those already existing to describe content that I think would be relevant.

Adele Chan, founder of a special events and PR business called Blank Communications based out of Vancouver, is a lovely example of what I hope to achieve. She works with clients of the beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and consumer brands of Canada and customizes unique communication strategies to enhance brand awareness and growth. If you follow her on Twitter, you’ll notice that she regularly posts ‘features’, ‘client news’, or ‘as seen in’ posts to showcase her clients and what they’re doing, outside of the raw promotional efforts she establishes and organizes with her clients…almost as a way of bragging about them. She also posts short updates or photos on events she has helped organize, or events that she personally cares about. I think this is the kind of content that would matter to her audience because not only does it reinforce her commitment to work with them and help them grow, but it also showcases her work to prospective clients, who may have just been wanting more information about an event and not knowing that she was the force behind it.

I think from a design professional’s point-of-view, any graphic work or videography they may be working on is really relevant, because that type of content is the most snackable and shareable content as far as social media is concerned. So if you were working on a brand launch or a video project, updates on progress or actual video snippets of what’s to come are really relevant and would also generate some excitement leading up to whatever it is you might be launching.

I look forward to all of these aspects of my future!