COM0011: Will Larry fly away? Plus, thoughts on the future…


Just at the beginning of the course, we had a discussion about Facebook’s doom when that MIT research group applied epidemiological stats projections. What about Twitter? I suppose news always needs some kind of hook, so I noticed more talk about Twitter’s fate after its 8th birthday on March 21. Taking a look at the charts provided by The Atlantic

  • retweeting is up, replying is down
  • 50+% of tweets are from a mobile device, and less and less from desktop
  • Over 30% of accounts are inactive

Twitter just bought Cover.  Cover is a company that focuses on customizing the lock-screen of Android devices.  It sounds strange at first but the Twitterverse is investing in the future and it wants to keep expanding; Larry does not want to fly away!  Larry is the blue bird of Twitter.  With those charts reflecting a dwindling user base, Twitter must have felt pressure to innovate – to be part of what’s next. So, Cover hopes to optimize user experience and accessibility by providing a management solution to all the apps one could have… and it will be “brought to you by Twitter”.

Facebook installed Home on HTC and Samsung Galaxy S3s as the main launcher for the phone.  Home essentially brings your newsfeed as the first thing you see upon activating your phone.  It also recently bought Oculus – an up and comer for virtual reality technology.

“We have a lot more to do on mobile, but at this point we feel we’re in a position where we can start focusing on what platforms will come next to enable even more useful, entertaining and personal experiences.”

                                                                  –   Mark Zuckerberg on acquiring Oculus

The future seems to be going towards Twitter-centric, Facebook-centric, or Platform-centric devices.  It won’t just be competition between types of devices and their hardware, but to which platform they’re associated with, and how well does the combination fare to the user’s love for efficient novelty.  Exciting!  I already want one. Whatever it is. But I also think of the interactive hovercraft society in Wall-E…


Order your breakfast while travelling at 100 kmh – courtesy of SnapChat?




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