COM0011: Intro Takeaways



This course has opened my eyes to a LOT.  Learning about social media is NOT how to use Facebook or how to tweet as many think a social media course is about.  Little do they know, it’s deeply understanding how we now communicate and all the intricacies behind these interactions.  It’s knowing how to uphold the digital identity for people and products and all of the implications concerning perception to profit. Here are a few of my personal takeaways, from an INTRO course(!):

  • You are a brand.
    Your brand will have a specific type of audience.  There’s no such thing as knowing too much about brand and audience. These two dictate content. Consistency, authenticity, and relevance strengthens the brand.
  • Avoiding the faux-pas of social media will save your butt.
    You can either be squeaky clean or push the limits and own it, but NEVER be offensive or vulgar. Unless you want haters.  This greatly applies to businesses and public figures.
  • Engagement can take you all the way.
    A business cannot reply to ALL customer feedback just as how an MP cannot reply to all of its constituents…or can they? It is necessary to analyze how one fares in engagement.  Knowing how you fare can help allocate resources and implement new systems. Promotion can only get you so far.
  • Social media efforts can also flourish offline.
    For businesses and public figures: Direct contact with your audience strengthens the relationship: networking, events, conferences, tables, outreach, fundraisers, etc. Engagement can’t be done all online.
  • Popularity and influence is now a measurable science.
    Hashtags. Keywords. Links. Clicking. Tracking. Analytics. Search Engine Optimization tactics. Return On Investment. Referral traffic. I am listing because I don’t really know too much lol. I should be able expand on this after COM0012.
  • Personal vs. Professional identity is gray area.
    Both identities will be limited if combined under one profile.  Unless you’re a comedian like Ellen, it will be hard to pull off.  Separate them if you are a private person or want to be expressive without bounds. Combine them if you post things you wouldn’t care if the public knew.
  • Stay on top of the social media evolution to survive!
    Facebook is now over 10 years old, and Twitter just turned 8.  Within a decade, how the world communicates is very different – and it is still changing!  Social media giants are partnering up, merging, and acquiring other companies and this will influence and further change how communication will be done in the future.
    Following blogs and sites can help keep you up to speed (with Twitter bios):

    • FastCompany
      …business media brand; inspiring readers to think beyond traditional boundaries & create the future of business
    • Mashable
      News, resources, inspiration and fun for the connected generation
      The coolest visual content brought to you by the world’s best creatives
    • TechCrunch
      Breaking Technology News And Opinions
    • WIRED
      WIRED is where tomorrow is realized
    • MakeUseOf
      We’re a bunch of geeks from all over the world, trying to find the absolute best things YOU can make use of


What are your takeaways? Who and what do you follow to help you stay on top of the social media frenzy?