COM0015 – Assignment #5 – Event Participation

The event that I chose to participate  in was an online webinar presented by Outmarket called Beyond the Campaign: Engagement Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

I chose to attend the event because Not For Profit Marketing is something I’ve been interested in for quite some time, and it’s an area I would like to potentially explore as a career path at some point in the future.
The webinar was audio-based with a dashboard that included a slide presentation, a Twitter feed where one of the moderators was tweeting key points from the presentation, a Q & A box where participants could ask questions, and the bios of the host and the moderator.
I have never attended a webinar, and this one was was a bit different than I was expecting. I was expecting it to be video-based where we would be able to see the presenter. The presenters name was Lori Wizdo, and she is a Principal Analyst at Forrester, a research-based consulting company from Cambridge, MA.
The presentation was well done and informative, and there were quite a few takeaways from the event. The two key points that stuck with me were:
  •  How to create valuable content cheaply. Normally NPO marketing budgets are extremely low, so they need to be efficient. It was recommended that one person be in charge of curation, to sift through online information and collect information (blogs, news items, legislation etc.) that pertains to a particular topic. Then create a top ten list to work from. There are also curation tools that will do the same thing or assist with the collection, but it is still helpful to have someone filtering the information so it is very specific.
  • The second takeaway related to the information that should be included on an NPO website. Often there is too much information about the organization, and not enough information about the constituents. The reason a person is on the site is to find out about the topic because it is one that is of concern or value to them. They are not there to find out about you. They want to know if their interests, questions, concerns and issues will be addressed, and the online content should reflect this. The other information will become more pertinent once the person decides to engage with the organization.
  •  I also liked the comparison in this slide of the difference between the Campaign Marketing Focus and the Engagement Marketing Focus:


The quotable that I took away from the presentation was:
Marketing is different in the Not For Profit World. Marketing has earned it’s place in the not-for-profit world. But marketing and development are not the same. Marketing is about exchanging goods and services for money. Development is about relationships – it is not about money.
Marketing is different in the Not For Profit World with today’s buyer. Marketing has earned it’s place in the not-for-profit world. But marketing and development are not the same. (Engagement) marketing is about exchanging goods and services for money. Development is about relationships – it is not about money.
I will definitely attend another event like this one. This was my first introduction to webinars, and it’s such an easy way to learn. You can learn about essentially any topic you’re interested in, and it’s interesting to hear what different professionals have to say on the topic.

The future is visual. COM0011 Blog Post 3

I once had professor that once said, perception is the only reality. He was referring to visual branding of companies, however it seems that this is becoming more and more the case with companies as they realize the importance of products or services in visual format. Social media mediums such a Pinterest and Instagram are informative but also are Selling the dream. Consumers are driven towards this visual format and it is proven as Pinterest currently has over 70 million users and Instagram reaching over 200 million users and numbers are growing by the day. 

3000 marketers were interviewed by online social magazine Social Media Examiner in their Social Media Marketing Report. From the results 42% of marketers indicated that they plan to increase their use of Instagram in the coming year. This is up by 32% from their 2013 report.

An increase of such a big growth has me questioning how the not for profit I work for can harness this tool. We are a service based not for profit industry, how does that translate into the Instagram world? Instagram has seen a change from members taking artistic pictures of clouds and their breakfast and it’s fast becoming a number one social media app for both consumers and businesses.

Just to give you a laugh, this was my original view of Instagram… Just a warning, the song will be stuck in your head for days! Funny eh!

I took to Google to find some inspiration for not for profits. This is what I found… wonderful, wonderful inspiration for not for profits. How did I miss this? 

Giving the end user a visual version of what we do could move our business forward. It certainly gives the Instagram user reassurance of how their fundraising dollars are being used. Brilliant!

I wonder how other not for profits use Instagram? How has the success been? Do their find an increase in their donations? As an end user if you can see who you are donating to, do you feel more inclined to give? So many questions!