COM0011 Blog Post# 1 Responding to Negative Coverage

Negativity and criticism, there is no escaping it. We all at some point or another have been subjected to negative comments and criticized. How did you handle it? It can say a lot about a person on how they react and handle negative comments and being criticized.

Dorothy Crenshaw COE and creative director of Crenshaw Communications, posted a blog, 8 pointer for responding to negative coverage. These pointers are all so logical and should be adapted as Social Media 101 but do we or will we come back them? I think that it is important to always come back to the basic. We can sometime lose our ground especially if we have been taken off guard by an unruly comment on Facebook or Twitter. It comes back to that ever so good advice…”Think before you speak.”

It doesn’t matter if you are hit on a personal level or organizational level, lingering situation or out of the blue, Dorothy’s pointers to responding are ones to live in the social media world and can make the difference in how quickly you return to business as usual.

Take Dorothy’s Advice:

  • Do respond.
  • But don’t dignify baseless rumors.
  • Let your advocates defend you.
  • Don’t overreact.
  • Ask for equal time.
  • Use objective facts and figures.
  • If you’re at fault, apologize.
  • Look for the opportunities.


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