COMM0015-Blog 3: The Future

Post-Secondary schooling is the most important thing – or so we tell our current generation. But what is a piece of paper without the valuable life skills to support it? At the age of 22, I now have a double major and am working on two certificates. Although the education has gotten me to where I am, it’s the job experience that gives me the confidence to succeed in today’s market.

Photo by Author

To further extend my opportunities to succeed, I hold two part-time jobs at my university. These jobs are both directly related to my field of interest and have allowed me to make connections with others in the marketing industry. As I end my schooling in April I aspire to continue making connects at the university with other job opportunities. I will be applying for a leadership position in one of my current departments, which is a one-year contract with the school. *Fingers Crossed*

Moving into the virtual world, my online presence is also strong due to skills I have established when volunteering for NASCAR related positions. Through writing for NASCAR, tracks and micro level sports blogs, I have had the privilege to connect with tons of people. I aspire to continue this in 2018 during the new NASCAR season by writing for a blog and contributing race photographs online.

Although these are all aspirations I wish to carry forward, my current responsibilities are my focus. Aside from work and school, I volunteer with 3 high profile organizations/clubs on a weekly basis. Whether it be online with Michigan International Speedway, or in person with our local radio station or program society, these volunteer opportunities have given me more than just a piece of paper come April.

6-12 months may be a long time, but I am excited about what the future holds.