The Perfect Game for Halloween!

One of my favorite hobbies is playing board games.  Luckily I have lots of friends who share this interest, and the result is that I get to play games at least once a week.  Between myself and my friends, there is a pretty impressive selection to choose from!  One of my recent favorites is a game called Mysterium.  And it just happens to be the perfect game for Halloween…

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Oooh, spooky!  How does it work?

Mysterium has a number of similarities to the classic murder mystery game Clue, but there is so much more to it.  In Mysterium, players work cooperatively to solve a murder by discovering the answers to who did it, where they did it, and what the murder weapon was.  One of the coolest twists that Mysterium brings to this concept is that one player is the ghost of the person who died, and all the other players are psychics who are using the mystical power of All Hallows Eve to communicate with the ghost and uncover the truth.  The ghost can not speak, but is able to send “visions” to the psychics, in the form of picture cards with strange, beautiful artwork, like this:

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Throughout the game, the ghost will use the vision cards to try to connect each psychic to a particular set of clues, while racing against the clock—because if the players don’t solve the mystery after seven rounds, they have failed and must wait a whole year to try again on the next Halloween (Meaning the game is over and they have lost.  Luckily, the players are free to try again right away!).

Sounds pretty cool, what should I do now?

For a thorough explanation of the game, I recommend you check out this ten minute video.  It will show you everything you need to get started right away!

If you want to try before you buy, why not head over to The Loft Board Game Lounge?  But if I’ve convinced you, and you want to go all-in, you should pick up a copy of your very own.  I got mine at Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s.

So, you think I should do this on Halloween?

Yes.  Yes I do.  You can play with up to seven of your best pals, and the game takes about 45 minutes (so you can play a few times and take turns being the ghost!).  Why not set the spooky festive mood with some candles and eerie music?  Then you just need some candy, and SHAZAM!  Best night ever.

Do you have any favorite games or Halloween traditions?