COM0014 – Blog #3: Target Audiences

When it comes to flower industry the target audience might vary from any individual that needs flowers for a certain occasion, to impulse buying when passing by the store, to brides, event planners, hotels & restaurants, to funeral homes or charity events. To make things even more complicated, add to this equation, artificial flowers and trees. So now we are also targeting old ladies that need some flowers on top of their cabinet, an awful tomb arrangement, or come to us just because their mom used to come to our store for the silks, to brides that are allergic to fresh flowers or they just have a destination wedding in Maui and they don’t know any florist over there, to commercial buildings, property managers or shopping malls that need to spruce up their place.

Focusing just on brides (bridezillas): the internet, social media and the way we inform ourselves, translated into very knowledgeable brides, always looking for deals no matter their income, very hands-on every step of their wedding (from creating email addresses for their wedding info, to teaching our designers how to do the arrangements, cause they’ve seen a tutorial on youtube), to DYO flowers, therefore looking for wholesale price. You have to see the big picture: 2 different brides may have a low income, but one will DYO flowers, while the other one has middle class parents that can afford to pay for the wedding or she can spend more as she has no mortgage. Most of them will be leaders that will share the bad things about your company on their SM!

Obviously our target audiences have different demographics, occasions, lifestyles, hobbies, etc. So the trick in my case is to identify my targets, research them and communicate on their language. From social media for our younger groups (brides: FB, Instagram, Pinterest), email blast for our older data base groups, to networking events for the building owners. I’m using, but not diligently Twitter Search and hashtags, FB Search, Google Alerts, HootSuite (

PS: Did I mention seasonality?