COM0014: Blog # 5 – Personal Brand

I was at a social media conference a few months ago and before sessions, on breaks and at networking events in the evening I would introduce myself to fellow attendees. When asked “so what do you do?” I’d proudly say that I am a marketing consultant and  in return I would simply a get a lukewarm reaction that implied “Ah, just another marketing consultant”.

After the conference, I shared an airport shuttle with another attendee and we got to talking.  When she asked, I told her who I was and she stopped me  mid-sentence and remarked  “wow, this is so refreshing. It is wonderful to meet a marketing consultant with an actual marketing background”.

That’s right; I am not just someone who runs a blog and thinks that I am a social media marketing consultant. I am a marketing consultant with a marketing background. I have both the formal education and the practical job experience to back that up. I have an undergraduate degree in Finance and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Strategy. Currently,  I am completing my Social Media Marketing certificate.  I have over a decade and a half of experience in marketing strategy, planning, analytics, communications and more in a variety of different industries such as Financial Services, Automotive, Hardware and Housewares, Pharmaceuticals and Delivery and Logistics.

I am sincere, thoughtful, and honest in every interaction or project I take on. I am reliable; clients can count on me. Professionally or personally I honor my word, my commitments, my projects and my responsibilities impeccably and on time. Attention to quality is a measure of excellence and it speaks volumes about any brand. I approach everything I do with that measure of excellence in mind.

Yes, all of the above makes me a marketing consultant with an actual marketing background.