In Search of the Boneyard

I saw some stunning photos of a location called the “boneyard”.


All I had to go on was that it was located on the coast in South Carolina. It took some Googling but eventually I found the location – Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve and Wildlife Management Area which is located on Edisto Island in South Carolina.

Here is what you need to know, if you want to visit this location.


7510 Botany Bay Rd
Edisto Island, SC 29438


32.539498, -80.260708

Google Map

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  • There are no signs that will direct you to the planation so using a GPS is helpful because the street signs are small and hard to see in the dark.
  • SC Highway 174 is a single lane winding road that you will be driving in the dark so drive carefully.
  • There are speed bumps on the planation roads which you might not see in the dark.
  • To get to the beach, you need to make a right at the second road where you will see a small sign.


There are no hotels on the island however there are house rentals available but unless you want to rent for a week, this isn’t a feasible option. Edisto Beach state park is close and has campsites as well as 7 cabins otherwise expect to stay in either Charleston or Beaufort which are both an hour away.


The planation is open from ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset. There is an automated gate so even if you arrive early you will need to wait.

Note: The planation is closed on Tuesday’s for hunting.


There is no cost to access the planation but you need to obtain a day use pass which can be found at the kiosk that is located near the main gate. If you get to the gate early you can walk in and obtain the pass while you wait.

Getting to the Beach:

There is a ½ mile causeway that you need to cross before you reach the beach.

Prior to Hurricane Matthew the most interesting trees were located to the left of the beach access path. I haven’t been back since the hurricane so this might have changed.


  • Given the damage from the hurricane, you might want to scout the beach prior to trying to shoot a sunrise.
  • Given the amount of time it will take to get from the gate, across the causeway and to the beach you will want to ensure that you have all your gear ready to go.
  • Beware of the tide schedule so that you are not attempting to photograph during high tide as there will be no access to the beach.
  • There are no bathrooms or washrooms available in the planation, the closet are located in the town.
  • This is a natural beach which means that by law you are not allowed to remove shells.

More Information:

Sunrise at Botany Bay in South Carolina. from Holly Lumley on Vimeo.

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Google Maps (n.d.) Retrieved 14 June, 2018 from,+Edisto+Island,+SC+29438,+USA/@32.5519299,-80.2434002,2810m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x88fc2fad5edef157:0xcd75d8a68a5a25f4!2m2!1d-80.2329335!2d32.5528632


Yik Yak, yes or no: anonymous location-based social app raises concerns (COM0011, post #6)

Want to know what everyone’s saying around you? Well, Yik Yak allows you to do just that – listen to all kinds of comments within a 2.4 kilometre radius. Only you don’t know who’s saying it. And if you contribute, no one will know it was you. It’s an anonymous twitter feed that’s based your on location. And even though it’s not intended for high schools, it has become very popular among secondary and university/college students alike, with a few challenges…

For example, two California high schools were put on lock-down recently after bomb threats were posted via Yik Yak (CBC article). According to the Huffington Post, 11 college students in the US have been charged with threats of violence made through the app this past semester alone. The second challenge is a flaw that de-anonymizes users and even allows hackers to hijack someone’s account through third-party software (Softpedia article). I suppose they can look into fixing that – urgently, I hope. But the last issue is, yet again, cyber-bullying.

Recently, an 18 year-old who was encouraged through the app to end her life after a failed suicide attempt started a petition to fix or get rid of it. So far it has nearly 70,000 signatures. “The app claims to not tolerate bullying or threats, but no action is being taken to remove threatening or harmful posts, or suspend users who write them,” the petition reads.

“That is why I am calling on the inventors of the app to create a stronger set of community standards and employ a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and threats — if they don’t, we want the app removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play immediately.”

But like Snapchat, Yik Yak is taking off in popularity and just received an investment of $62 million. What do you think? Should it be banned in schools? Or are people overreacting?