COM0015 – Tools & Sources

From the start of the very first course to now, I’ve learned an unbelievable amount when it comes to listening and monitoring social media. The best thing (for me) though … knowing I’d no longer have to log into all my social platforms individually and see what was going on. I think many of us would agree that our time can be better spent elsewhere.

Outside of having personal accounts on a couple platforms I didn’t know all kinds of tools existed to help people not only manage and schedule their content, but be able to see who is talking about them. You can see how far the content has reached, what’s going on in the industry, and even check various reviews from sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook. A lot of the time, many of the metrics can be monitored and measured all in one lovely dashboard. Thankfully tools like these (and others) exist otherwise I think there would be a lot of overwhelmed people; including myself!

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If I had to pick my two listening and monitoring tools of choice, I would have to say my RSS Feed Reader, Feeder (in conjunction with Google Alerts) and Hootsuite.

Feeder is something I discovered in a previous course and I’ve been using it ever since. I love being able to set up keywords in Google Alerts and have all the results go to one place. You have the ability to add anything that has an RSS Link with no delay in when you start seeing information being collected. Another cool feature is that you’re able to create folders so your feeds stay organized.

I’m somewhat new to Hootsuite so I haven’t been able to take advantage of all the features just yet, but it is quickly becoming one of my favourites so far. The fact that you can monitor multiple social platforms all in one place is a no brainer for me. Hootsuite allows you to search using keywords or locations and apply different filters to see what people are saying about the business/brand, as well as the industry and the competition. You can even add different Apps in Hootsuite to monitor even more.

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A couple of sources that I tend to go to when I need an update are Google News and lately I’ve been listening to podcasts. Google News is useful because you can filter to the news you’re most interested in (e.g., worldwide, Canada specific, local to you, sports, entertainment) as well as mark topics, locations and sources as favourites so they’re easily accessed again.

Podcasts are new to me. They’re something my fiancé listens to regularly and since we share an office I often overhear what he’s listening to. It’s a really cool way to get information; listening over reading. Especially when I’m online a good chunk of the day, my eyes need a rest!

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Have you used any of these tools or use these sources for updates? If not, what tools and sources do you find useful and are there any you would recommend? Let me know below!

COM0015 – Blog post #1 – Ears and Eyes

Hey! I’m listening over here!

As I continue to learn about listening and monitoring, I have been doing some research into what is available. At this stage I am most interested in free tools but appreciate that this may be a case of getting what you pay for.

Brandwatch’s August 2015 article revised its former top 10 to include the ‘Top 15 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools’. Of these, I have begun working with a couple of the recommendations.



HooteSuite appears to suit me because it is easy to use, it has a good amount of detail in the help function (including videos) and doesn’t seem too difficult for a newbie like me to manoeuvre. In addition, I like Google Alerts. I was introduced to this tool in COM0013 – Monitoring and Measurement and like how easy setting up alerts is. Both tools are free, which is what I am looking for right now and both provide the basic functionality that I need at this stage in my monitoring work.

A number of the other tools included in this top 15 list – TweetReach, Twazzup, TweetDeck, Topsy and Followerwonk – are not of particular interest as they only monitor Twitter and I would prefer those that monitor multiple platforms.

Of the remaining suggestions, I am still not sold on  Klout. HowSociable, Mention and Simply Measured all charge for their service and at this stage I am not prepared to pay.

The four remaining tools noted in the article, Addictomatic, IceRocket, Social Mention and SumAll all look interesting and might be something to try down the road.

Read all about it!

When I am looking for news, I mix the old with the new. My work involves keeping up with local information both what is reported in media as well as what is advertised. Often print media is the traditional means for this.

TC Media

TC Media

I read newspapers – in print and online and follow various media outlets through Facebook and respective websites. I like when outlets use social media to profile some oftheir top stories linking you back to their published content. Locally I read The Guardian and CBC PEI, as well as a variety of papers from different parts of Canada.

In addition to local news, I like keeping up on varied interests and am a regular reader of Greatist, a health, wellness and lifestyle website. I subscribe to the daily newsletter and am follower in social media.

There are so many sources of news and information these days that everyone can find one (or more) that suits them.  How about you – What do you like to read and how do you listen?