Linked In is the most used social media platform of Fortune 500 companies; are you there too?

Linked In is one of the social media platforms I feel like, as a small business owner. I should be a part of but I know I’m not using it to its full potential. Does this sound familiar to you?

I have photographed hundreds of people’s LinkedIn profiles; it would make me a hypocrite to not participate on the platform right? Every time I sign on though, I have 14 new connection requests from people in India who I have, if you can believe it, never done business with!
Business owners
I’ve never heard of slide into my messages with “Hi Melanie, try our service” and it has deterred me from actually using the platform to its fullest so I have consulted with on their tips for how to get the most out of LinkedIn. While Linked In offers a few consistent deterrants I could do without, it also offers up a plethora of functions you (and I) can take advantage of as a business owning, connection building, job seeker.

Who is Linked In for?
Best known for those looking for jobs, those looking for employees, business to business marketers and small business owners; meaning pretty much everyone can take advantage of LinkedIn and it’s free. It’s a popular place to post a resume, browse qualified candidates, create meaningful business relationships and build trust by receiving reviews called “recommendations” from colleagues who you have worked with in the past. With a very short term time investment you can set up a beautiful page with images, accomplishments and details of your work history that is easily searchable and shareable.

“40% of monthly active users use LinkedIn daily. Of those using the platform monthly, up to 40% are accessing it on a daily basis. If that is the case, that’s over 100 million professionals you could be targeting every single day. To make that even more excited, LinkedIn users typically use the platform to find relevant content, meaning they’ll be much more willing to check out what you’re sharing.” OmniCore Agency

Are you looking to get your content in front of people who want to see it?
Whether you’re trying to sell a marketing course, a service or drive readership up to increase visibility, consider publishing an article to your LinkedIn page.

Of the 500 million total LinkedIn users and 250 million monthly active users, only 3 million share content on a weekly basis – just a touch over 1% of monthly users.”  – Foundation Inc

Here are 10 amazing tips for a better Linked In profile, in a handy infographic:

Graphic by: Doctor Linked In


Inconclusion, it’s a great tool if you want to search business content, find or be found for job opportunities, participate in B2B marketing, or you’re a photographer and you’re thankful such a platform exists to keep you in business!


My question to you; do you use the platform and what are your top tips for getting the most out of it?




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Top tips for maximizing its potential


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COM0014 – Blog 5 – My Personal Brand

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, was bang on when he said, “Build brands not around products, but around reputation.” How I create that reputation is deeply rooted in the path my father has paved ahead of me. As a small business owner my father has developed a network of faithful clients through exceptional client services. He has formed a solid reputation in our industry setting us apart from our competitors. I have very big footsteps to fill it but I have a great mentor to show me the way.

As I am the first point of contact with clients, my personal brand directly reflects the company’s corporate brand. By remembering client names, faces, and company I gain a level of respect that is important to maintaining relationships. I go above and beyond what is asked of me to make sure the client is happy. Ways that I do this include being prompt to respond to emails, phone calls etc, ensuring to make contact with the client throughout the rental period, and following up after the rental is complete.

My colleagues would say my best trait is my ability to multitask and the attention I pay to details. Working in a small business both these qualities are extremely valued. I tend to juggle three or four tasks at the same time and am able to prioritize accordingly. Sometimes when people multitask things can be overlooked, I make sure this never happens by paying attention to even the smallest details.

In order to make myself stand out I have turned to social media. I have kept my LinkedIn account up to date and followed clients that I frequently work with. I believe that seeing my personal profile and learning more about me on a personal level shows them that I am more than a voice on the phone or words in an email.

COM 0015 BLOG POST #1 Social Media Preferences


My favorite social media site for professional purposes is Twitter’s Tweetdeck. I have this site open all day at work and I really appreciate the multi-tabs which allow one to monitor various tweets from multiple sources. I have my tweets set to Canadian, US and international news along with trends. Given I work in the news business, this tool has become essential especially during breaking news as it allows you to plug in the hashtag related to this news and you can monitor a tab for all posts related to this story. I am also somewhat selective in terms of those people and sites I follow.
Twitter has changed how I get my news first thing in the morning. A year ago I would listen to NPR and read the Washington Post, now I still listen to the radio in the morning, however I first sign on to Twitter and check posts within the last hour, as well as newspaper articles attached or mentioned in a particular post. Once I have filtered through this information, I think begin going through various newspaper, television and radio websites for any additional stories or background information which I may need for my work day.
Though on a personal level, I do monitor my facebook page on a regular basis, I do not consider this an avenue for work or a place to get information that will help me professionally. For this information, I turn to LinkedIn.
linked in
I have made a lot of professional connections though this website and now I receive regular email updates in terms of recent job openings and discussions through groups, for example,, which will have relevant topics on the film and television industry which is of interest. Here I can also participate in these discussions, pose questions or learn about online forums which may be useful professionally. I have also found LinkedIn a very useful tool for staying in touch with former colleagues and for finding academics and experts who may have an opinion useful for a story which we are trying to tell.
Though I seldom send tweets, I do retweet items I find interesting. I can also use this tool if I need an opinion or suggestion for something which I am working on. As for LinkedIn, I keep my profile up to date, check to see if there are other people I can connect to, and I do look through discussions and posts which I feel will help me professionally.
I would strongly suggest becoming a member of LinkedIn,, even as a means of having another means by which future potential employers can search you, and a way to keep up to date with changing trends within your business. As for twitter, it is a quick way to dip in and out of subjects/topics/trends of interest to you.