5 Activities to Enrich Your Life

The definition of enrich is to “improve or enhance the quality or value of”.   So, to enrich your life it begs the questions… “What brings value or meaning to my life?”   “What makes me feel excited (and I don’t mean just sex 😉 ), happy, proud, content, or peaceful? There are countless different ways to enrich your life through activities, objects, and people. Some of these things we turn to intuitively, others we have to be purposeful to include in our lives when life gets busy.  In this blog we will explore…  5 Activities to Enrich Your Life:

 1. Go for a walk.

1487750_stock-photo-woman-walking-at-beachMy favourite places to walk are on the beach or on a trail through the woods. The fresh air and warm sunshine are refreshing. The good muscle feeling of exercise is rejuvenating. The time to think or talk is a good opportunity for mental processing (some of us need the extra time to process 🙂 )


2. Watch a theatrical production 

The energy of the music and dance is invigorating. Watching the actors put themselves “out there” is inspiring.   Check out Toronto’s live theatre productions or a local theatre near you.

3. Make music

Making music challenges the brain. It is (sometimes) beautiful to the ear. It allows you to open your heart and express a story, a picture, or an emotion.

4. Dance


Moving to the beat. Who can resist it? It doesn’t matter if it is ballroom, ballet, jazz or hip-hop.   Once you free your self-conscious mind you can free the body. It is invigorating and confidence building.

5. Travel 

images-2There are so many places and things to see in this world, both man-made or naturally made.  Meeting new people, eating new foods, and experiencing new cultures. Every experience is an eye-opening experience.


Okay, okay… truth be told these are MY top 5 activities. These are the activities that add to my life… body, mind, or spirit. What are YOUR top 5 Activities? Think about it. I’d love to hear them.

Next Blog – 5 Objects to Enrich Your Life.