COM0011-521: Things I’ve Discovered Listening Online

Listening is important!listening2

It’s a skill and some do it more effectively than others. And it’s even more complex in an environment with multiple social media tools. With the volume of content that fills the news feeds of FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., it is a real challenge to keep up with it.

A few weeks ago, I started listening to a number of communities specific to my self-branding objective and here’s some of what I heard.  But, before I go any further, it’s worth noting the benefit of a social media dashboard such as Hootsuite to make listening to various tools easier. I set up Hootsuite, with a number of communities, including: KPMG Canada, Deloitte Canada, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT), Collins Barrow, BDO, Imagine Canada, and Ernst & Young (EY).

In general, after weeding through the myriad of promos from Hootsuite, I found the posts were a mix of announcements related to events, newsletters, thought leadership, memberships, presentations by professionals, community involvement activities, information about professional services, client testimonials, articles, profile building and jobs.

Interestingly, a pattern emerged. For example, BDO posted more about jobs than the others. KPMG posts were broad including events, topics of interest (e.g. ethical outsourcing), and thought leadership. Most of Collins Barrow’s posts related to community involvement, such as partner appointments to Boards. Image Canada, a not-for-profit organization, posted mostly about members renewing their membership – their posts were publicly saying “thanks” for your renewal.

While I was not listening specifically to Hootsuite, I found their posts to be very repetitious – informative, yet repetitious. While every post was social media related and not just about their specific products, I found the discussion about the death of the Social Media Manager intriguing.  I was encouraged to read more. I learned that rather than being the prime responsibility of a single individual, the task of optimizing social media tools/channels is evolving to be part of everyone’s role.

Shhhhhhhh – did you here that?

Bob Giddings