Jay’s Permanent Staycation

For anyone who has bought a home, new or older you know how much continuous work is involved. For those that have not bought a home and those that have but there home was new you may not know that when you buy an older home that every screw on the poverty is loose, everything on the property needs adjusting, I mean everything.

Staycation – guess I did not get a whole lot of the leisure part but some people consider hands on stuff and building leisure?

Do you like AEROSMITH? Permanent Vacation

When I bought my new home I knew there were going to be lots of little things that needed work and even a few bigger things so I had a bit of an idea of what I am getting myself into, a bit…

One of the things I knew about was an old shed attached to the back of the house on my north east corner. The roof was leaking and the wood was rotting out. This would have been a nice shed if it were not for the whole in the roof (nice boot print right under the phone line that connects to the house – suspicious?).

I booked off a week at the beginning of August knowing that I would have to tear this shed down, cart it away and then build another one.

I had a few questions to consider?

  • How long could it take to tear down a 150 square foot shed anyway?
  • What tools do I need, isn’t a hammer and a crowbar enough?
  • How many people do I need to tear it down?
  • What do I do with all of the crap after it is torn down?
  • What kind of shed should I build to replace the old one?
  • How much is all of this going to cost?
A black and yellow 12 inch prybar

12 inch Prybar

Just to put some of you out of your misery and save you time in case you are just reading this out of politeness because you are taking the COM0014 course at Algonquin.

COM0014 Blog Post 1 – What I did on my vacation.

I tore down an old shed and built a new one.

I feel like the project happened in 3 main phases

  1. Tearing down the shed
  2. Getting rid of all the crap
  3. Building a new Shed

The process was a more intensive and even painful experience then I expected (literally))

A wooden splinter sticking in an index finger

Splinter in my finger

In respect of the size constraints of this post being limited from 300 to 500 words I regret to inform you that getting in to any details on each phase will have to be explored in future posts in other assignments.

Anyone else taking staycations?

Do you need a vacation from your staycation?

Word of warning

Tin sheds take 10 times longer than the suggested setup time. Looks good when done, working great.

Tin Shed made by Arrow

Arrow Tin Shed

Arrow Steel Storage Building