Out of the Box Social Media Thinking with The Internet of Things (IoT)

Social media is evolving rapidly because of this; we see some very innovative things coming out. Today I will look what crazy ideas folks are doing with social media to increase a consumer’s experience, thanks t0 the Internet of Things (IoT).

One area was we see interesting social media developments is within the IoT realm. Depending on who you ask, experts predict there will be anywhere from 30.7 billion to 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. Meanwhile, We are Social is perhaps too extremely optimistic, predicting around 200 billion by 2020.



Nonetheless, the “social media for machines” movement is playing out in front of our very eyes. Marketers tremendous opportunities now with IoT.

SmartInsights.com recently discussed how marketers are taking maximizing IoT’s benefits.

One way was how companies are using products as communication devices. An example pointed out was FitBit, which is an Internet-connected device, which tracks key health information. What FitBit does is take the person’s health information, then utilizes various social media channels, showcasing the benefits of FitBit’s analysis. According to SmartInsights.com, this encourages friends to see the information and investigate purchasing a FitBit device.

Products tied to the IoT ecosystem is another way marketers are capitalizing on IOT’s potential. Take a look at Uber and Spotify. Users of Uber, who have Spotify premium accounts can use those to personalize their rides while using the ride-sharing service. As Uber CEO Travis Kalenick told Business Insider in 2014 people, listen to music in three places: Their homes, out and in their automobiles. Kalenick added they are helping make a deeply emerging customer experience within the car, by teaming up with Spotify to personalize rides more than taxis.

When done properly, as shown by FitBit, Uber, and Spotify, IoT can be a dream come true for social media marketers, who are looking at expanding their brand. As SmartInsights.com Robert Allen puts it:

The Internet of Things presents a fantastic opportunity for marketers. Products that market themselves, order themselves and integrate into an ecosystem that will increase customer retention. 10 years ago marketers could only dream of such things; now they are a reality. These trends have to be seized by marketers, as those that do will see fantastic growth, while those that don’t will rapidly fall behind.

What potential things do you think social media marketers can capitalize with IoT? Do social media managers understand the power of IoT now to really utilize its potential for some really out of the box ideas? If not, what will it take for creative thinking between the social media and IoT nexus?


Com0011- 2016: A Look Ahead in Social Media

The Holiday season is fast approaching and many top ten lists for this past year and predictions for 2016 are flooding in.

Social media is ever evolving. Nothing stays the same as new start-ups are always trying to be the next Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

While I am not a mind reader, and can’t predict everything on this world, I can perhaps offer a glimpse of what the next twelve months may hold in social media. As you enjoy your mistletoe with your loved ones, or some candy cane hot chocolate, or volunteering at your local favorite charity, here is where I see the social media landscape going in 2016, in terms of tech trends, influences on the economy, and society.


Image Credit via Flickr Creative Commons Some Rights Reserved


  1. Even more video social media content; creating new economic opportunities: This was one of the big things talked about in social media circuits in 2014 and 2015. This was the year where video content on social media outlets grew. Nowadays it seems there is almost a 45-55 split in video to regular posts (my own estimation here). Twitter is now bombarded with video tweets. Expect this trend to continue as more social media outlets, as video content slowly becomes the main source of posts. Don’t be surprised if there is new economic opportunities explored from new social video media content. I can’t say where it will happen, it just will.
  2. Mainstream media will fall further behind social media on big Breaking news: This is a foregone conclusion. While major news networks like CNN, and CBC News Network still run the TV media show, its social media that will break away from traditional media when breaking events occur. Tweets, video Facebook posts of the latest disaster, or ending to a major international sporting event will become to go to source for those who are not at a tv, or just want additional commentary on the event. This will only provide bigger headaches for traditional media who are scratching their head somewhat in taming the social media beast.
  3. Internet of Things and social media become more and more tied at the hip You know when you have the social media industries attention when one of the top social media authorities suggest “IoT devices will unleash a new wave of internet based services, in ways we can’t foresee- much like the way the smartphone came along and changed the world of computing,” is words to chew on. After all, a $19 trillion of wealth may come from IoT, and social media is going to cash in or, at least play a supporting role. I would expect to hear more social media companies investing into IoT, like Facebook, Twitter, or Periscope. Who will be the Facebook or Apple of the IoT industry in 2016? Stay tuned.
  4. Privacy Vs. Transparency: I could see this story further unfolding on two levels: The corporate and personal. On the good side, using social media and the Internet has changed the dynamics of how we look at many multinational corporations, making them more transparent. However, on the flipside, more and more we are seeing those same corporations using social media to “spy” on potential employees. While some of it is just, and people should have some basic common sense when using Facebook (i.e. Don’t put any dumb nut pictures of yourself from the bar the night before), its also blurring lines on what people should post in on their Facebook accounts. Personally, I can see this trend continuing as more and more possible job seekers will get angrier, wondering why they are not being called back for interviews. At the same time, corporation’s questionable practices will be put further to the test under the public court of social media opinion.

Well It’s almost been a slice this year. What social media trends do you see breaking out next year? What is one trend that may flop? Is video the wave of the social media future? As potential candidates should employers look at your Facebook page and dismiss your resume? Will IoT be further integrated with social media in 2016?

Those questions I leave you with. Have a great holiday.