COM0015 Post 4: Out of the Box

Empty Box

We’ve been outside the box for awhile now…(Photo credit: z287marc)

As I read more and more about reaching out to customers in different ways, I feel less like any of the social media is truly ‘out of the box’…unless the box is the computer. I feel like social media is humanizing online interactions. The focus is moving away from the ‘sell sell sell’ mindset and more towards providing online interaction and good content.  Yes, there’s a few bad eggs that use the Internet to hide behind keyboards and pass judgements, but those are more on the person to person level. In terms of online marketing, the purpose is moving to information and engagement.

I recently read an article that stated that search engine optimization was dead and it was now about online audience optimization.

“OAO allows online publishers to leverage their greatest assets—their wealth of high-quality content—to create a consistent web-wide presence, and generate consistent new and repeat visitors”

I think that while some part of me knew that already, it was ingrained in me to create content targeted at SEO rankings rather than audience engagement. Now the further I walk down the social media path, the more I recognize that this is true. We saw that LEGO made an online advertisement that was emotionally targeted to people who grew up playing with their products. What was surprising to me was that they didn’t even track it’s effectiveness with regards to sales. They just wanted to rekindle the love of their brand. Even in an online forum, it is the building of relationships that is the major goal, just as it always has been here…outside of the box.