COM0015 Blog Post #2 – Strong and Weak Organizations


In conjunction with viewing the Lung Association’s video and checking out their social media practice for a lesson in this course, I would categorize them as a weak organization.

To me, the website or “home-base” does not connect to the visitor right away. It is clear what their mission is, but as a reader I’m not drawn into their story right away. It should be visible right on their homepage how the Lung Association makes a difference and why I should be donating money. I find their blog well written and interesting but somewhat hidden. There is a little slideshow on the homepage but no other reference to their blog, so if I miss the picture on the slideshow, I will not likely find their blog.  On their blog page, I can choose blogs from different provinces. I would find it more useful to have a selection of topics to choose from.

The Lung Association is active on national and provincial levels on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. None of their social media presences have significant traffic. As an example, their national Facebook page has just over 1330 likes but more importantly, there is almost no engagement. I’ve also noticed that the link to their YouTube channel on their Facebook page is not working.

There must be a reason why the Lung Association had decided to entertain so many local social media presences but I think it requires too much time to energize and maintain them properly. It also might be more effective for the employees to work together to come up with ideas and content while providing a more collaborative environment. In the video the Lung association mentioned their limited resources which makes it even more important to work efficiently and nurture creativity.

I would call the Heart and Stroke Foundation is a strong(er) organization. Their social media activities are limited but they seem to do a better job connecting and engaging with Canadians. While I was looking into their activities, I noticed that a lot of readers posted negative comments on Facebook because of a certain YouTube video, which criticizes the Heart and Stoke Foundation for endorsing a specific product.  I thought it was impressive that someone replied on behalf of the organization on a Saturday within the hour.  Their response was somewhat official for my liking, but I think it was appropriate for the situation. I also noticed an idea for a fundraiser to get sponsors to donate $1 for each “like” received through a certain app. Their postings were more informative and less “official”.

I was surprised to see that they received over 120,000 likes and with engagement at almost 5% while the Canadian Red Cross totaled only 21,000 likes and less than 3% engagement. I found similar metrics on Twitter. I picked Heart and Stroke over Canadian Red cross because I thought they where more relevant given they are similar company sizes.

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