COMM0015 Blog Post #4 – Out of the box

SkededelThere is not a single time where I have not had an eye-opening moment reading about an application or the unexpected use of an application in a RSS feed or newsletter. For instance, I just came across Yelp while reading up on an app called Skededel. Of course, I know Yelp has been around for a while but I’ve never looked into it. I really should have, because it would have saved me a couple of “no need to come here again” dinner experiences.

The application Skededelreally seems to be on the forefront of online and social location reviews. Users want to offer their content and engage, others turn to it for reviews and recommendations. The app Skededel brings it to the next level when you’re out and about and try to figure out where the next restaurant or coffee shop is. The app pulls pictures from Instagram, which others checked out and you might even get to preview a dish you’re thinking of ordering.

One application I’ve used but have not given that much attention to yet is LinkedIn. I think it is a great way to create a professional community with people you have worked with as well as people you might be working with in the future. More time should be spent updating my profile and also tapping into parts of the application I know of but have not used yet. I did not realize how much more one can do with LinkedIn.

In Graphic Design, which is what I do, many specialize on one or perhaps a few programs to work with due to their complexity. I’m wondering if there will be a similar development in social media. Seems to me, it is quite time consuming to truly leverage all the different tools available. What are your thoughts?

Image: Skededel