Strong and Weak Organisations



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Wow. Amazing social media strategy. If the goal of social media is to connect, engage, and share, then GoPro has done it well. This company makes cameras used mostly to film action videos of rock-climbing, skiing, kayaking, off-roading, surfing, and mountain biking. Even roller-coastering.

If you ever want to do anything extreme, but are too chicken (like me), you need to check out GoPro’s website and social media network right now. The visual content is so fantastic you will feel like you experienced it yourself.

The company’s website showcases some of the best pictures and videos from its community. Not only is this a great way to honour its customers and show its appreciation for their business, but it’s a smart, direct way to demonstrate the quality of its product.

Its Facebook page has almost 9.5 million likes and also features photos and videos of the day that are submitted by customers.

Like its Facebook page and website, its YouTube account is jam-packed with video content. But it’s not all extreme sports. Check out this GoPro-shot video of a frozen kitten coming back from the brink.

GoPro’s Twitter account, with 1.5 millions followers, also showcases videos and pictures. The company tweets regularly and receives an impressive amount of likes and retweets.

As you could guess, its Pinterest and Instagram accounts are stacked with images taken with GoPros and, once again, the content is fantastic. With categories like “Puppy Love”, “Underwater World”, and “Thrill Seekers” there’s something for everyone.

Nice job, GoPro. I’m sold.


Black Squirrel Books and Café


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Black Squirrel is a charming used-book store in a downtown Ottawa neighbourhood. It’s has an urban-eclectic feel, is warm and friendly, and recently opened a café as part of the store.

It has loyal fans and is in a vibrant, pedestrian-heavy neighbourhood. But it has no social media strategy.

The store’s website is up and running, but the content is limited. As for social media networks, the store uses Facebook the most. It has 2,770 likes and posts at least every two days; sometimes a few times a day. It receives a fair amount of likes, comments, and shares.

There is a dead link to a Tumblr account on the homepage of their website.

It does not have a Pinterest or Instagram account, both of which would be great for a bookstore considering the fantastic visual content they could use (i.e. book covers, in-store events, other images related to bookstores). It does get a lot of mentions, though, and is tagged in many posts on both networks. Even more of a reason to start an account.

It also doesn’t have a Twitter account, which would be useful when trying to promote its in-store events, open-mic sessions, fundraisers, and book readings.

I think the Black Squirrel should use their Facebook activity as a starting off point for their social media strategy. It posts quite frequently and seems to have established a good relationship with customers through that network. It needs to expand their presence. Pinterest and Instagram are great opportunities to show off the visual aspects of the business. The store needs to use Twitter for promotions (any mentions on Twitter about the Black Squirrel were made by people who had in-store events).