Social Media Gaming and Why We’re Addicted


There’s a 50% chance that if you’re a social media user, you play social media games. Whether it’s role playing (ie: FarmVille), casino or arcade (ie: Candy Crush Saga), or hidden objects (ie: Gardens of Time), approximately half of the internet’s population – 510 million people – play social games. And I’m one of them!

Why do we love social media games?

  1. Our Competitive Nature
    Just like in a soccer match or a card game around the kitchen table… it’s human nature to want to win. So, when everyone in your office is talking about finally beating level 65 on Candy Crush Saga, you may feel inclined to outdo them.
  2. Stress Relief / Relaxation
    The non-gamers of the world wide web see no point in virtual farming, but social gamers tend to find these games relaxing. It may not be a real farm or castle… but drifting off to a fantasy land on your lunch hour can be the mental break you need.
  3. Mental Stimulation
    Although it’s an escape from reality, there is still strategy involved and thought required. The need to complete missions and to level up force you to strategize and think about how you’ll reach goals in the game.
  4. It’s An Addiction
    Some games have become an addiction for users. Candy Crush Saga is the greatest example of this. In 2013, 1 in every 23 Facebook users played Candy Crush. Having to wait for “lives”, always having a “next level”, and the fact that it’s a free game (with optional in-game purchases) all attribute to the obsession. If you’re addicted to this one in particular, read Time’s “Candy Crush: The Science Behind Our Addiction” for more insight.
  5. Fun!
    Plain and simple – games are fun. No matter what age you are or what interests you, chances are there’s a social game out there that you would deem “fun”. Want to find one you’d like? Check out the Best Facebook Games, according to Digital Trends.

Since 2010, the number of social gamers has increased by over 70%, so no need to be embarrassed – you’re not alone! Game developers and advertisers are thrilled with this spike in users. The US social gaming market will be a $5 billion industry by 2015.

Social Gaming Industry â�� Statistics & TrendsAs I admitted in the beginning, I’m a social gamer – an avid one at that. No, I don’t spam my friends with game requests (I’m good at managing my Facebook settings). Role playing games are my forte and I confess – I’ve spent entire weekends building virtual villages. My favourites right now are Village Life, CastleVille and most recently, Here Be Monsters. OK – enough about me…

CONFESSION TIME: Are you a social media gamer? If yes, what game(s) do you play and how often? If no, does it drive you CRAZY when friends send you game requests?