COM0014-Blog#4: Secret Ingredient for B2C Success

Many businesses have an online presence, but those that successfully engage with customers know the importance of utilizing social media to build these relationships.  Take M&M Food Market for example.  This Business-to-Consumer (B2C) company does an excellent job of promoting their products online, listening and interacting with its clientele, all while keeping that “Buy Now” button up front and centre.

The secret ingredient?

Food porn. Glistening BBQ-glazed spareribs, sizzling garlic-buttered shrimp, sinful chocolate eclairs, each with a mouth-watering product description and with one simple click you are at their order site.  In fact, the food looks so enticing, one cannot resist the urge to comment…and M&M Food Market is listening.

Is food sustainability important to you?  How do you think your homemade lemon bars would compare? M&M Food Market’s interaction with consumers online demonstrate that they truly empathize with people, and those relatively simple comments can go a long way in retaining and maintaining customer loyalty. 

It’s also important to know when to step into online conversations to answer questions or manage crisis before they escalate.  It’s always best to respond in a way to let the public know that you are indeed listening. 

“U got my business”

One of my favourite examples is from Instagram. M&M Meat Shops did an excellent job of ‘reading the mood’ of a customer by his negative comment. Their response was short but humorous.  The customer laughed. This interaction retained his loyalty.

Example of customer retention interaction (Source: mmfoodmarket Instagram)

M&M Food Market have been in business for 40 years providing easy-to-prepare frozen foods, personalized customer service and convenient shopping environment.  As consumer buying routines are changing, so are M&M Food Markets with re-designed store layouts, updated packaging, no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and are also offering gluten-free options.

 Think you know M&M Food Market?  Think again.

Watch this video to find out how they are changing to fit your needs (Source: M&M Food Market)