COM0014 – B2C Case Study


In 2014, one of the biggest online craft and gift sales platforms in the world – Etsy – implemented a successful campaign that truly celebrates the essence of what makes social media so powerful:


Etsy put the power of sharing into action using Pinterest, the visual pinning and sharing site. They began with the obvious tactic of sharing Etsy shop items on their Pinterest boards, but did not stop there. They also included merchandise from other sites if the item types were trending with their Pinterest followers.

Pin It button

They also added the Pin It button to all the pages. This broadened their reach to other online communities using Pinterest. While pinners improved trending items, they helped increase Etsy brand awareness.

Extending the campaign even further, Etsy invited guests to pin on their Pinterest account. Guest pinners such as Etsy shop owners, popular bloggers and brands like Martha Stewart were given their own boards to showcase their products on the Etsy account.

What makes this tactic so successful is that the social media gurus at Etsy were able to broaden the scope of their audience while providing valuable connections and opportunities to all their target audiences: Etsy sellers, shoppers and external brands.

In deciding on this approach, Etsy’s social media editors recognized several things:

Etsy & Pinterest Social Media Case Study

Their important target audience, Etsy shop owners, could benefit in a huge way from being showcased on Etsy’s Pinterest account.

Their shopper target audience had broad needs and interests.

Etsy knew they had to research trending items to understand what was important to their audience so that they would share pins.

Everyone needs to promote their own items or brand and this can be done in partnership instead of competition.

And, no business should operate in a sales silo as if theirs was the only one that needed to generate revenue. Inspiring your followers, truly understanding their interests and attracting similar businesses with common interests can benefit everyone.

Displaying the true spirit of providing value to the wider online e-commerce community, Etsy’s campaign proves to be one of the better uses of social media, sharing and community building.