COM0014- Post 1: Dinosaur ROAR! (or What I Did On My Vacation)

Ah, winter! Cold, snowy, dark, did I mention cold? Makes me remember of warmer weather and past times. I reminisce of the last time I went on vacation. It was last summer. I did not visit somewhere tropical (Canada get’s rather hot in the summer) but we took a drive down to Drumheller and Calgary, Alberta. Don’t worry; we lived in Edmonton at the time, so it was not a cross-country affair. (We did THAT trip when we moved back to the national capital region a few weeks later… but I digress…)

If you have never had a chance to visit Drumheller I strongly suggest it. I loved seeing the history behind it not only as an adult but also through the imagination and mind of my three-year-old son. My one-year-old daughter was not as impressed.

We visited the giant T-Rex and climbed up to the very top. It was pretty impressive.


Quite the climb up!

After that, we drove over to the Royal Tyrell Museum. This contains so many dinosaurs that my son did not know where to go! They had a live demo where they had a paleontologist explain how they found, removed, and then treated the fossils. Then they have a great display of fossils through the ages; quite fascinating!


Royal Tyrrell Museum Drumheller, Alberta

They also have quite a few hiking trails in the badlands and in through some of the quarries where you can find dinosaur remains. Seeing that our kiddos were still young and how hot it was (well about 30C and sunny!) it was not the best activity for us, however, I am very much hoping to return in the future when they children are older and can partake in some of those activities.  (I know, it feels wrong complaining about the heat in the middle of January)


Triceratops Royal Tyrrell Museum Drumheller, Alberta


After our busy day, we drove over to Calgary, where the next day we visited the Calgary Zoo!

Now this activity had the kiddos of all ages happy. It was another hot day but the delights of seeing the animals distracted us from the heat.  They had many exhibits from animals big and small. From the hippos and giraffes to the butterflies and fishes, many experiences and sights were to be enjoyed, big and small. (Of course, my son preferred the dinosaur exhibit there, yes another one!)


Hippo and Giraffes Calgary Zoo

A great family weekend getaway that I would LOVE to repeat. Had we remained in Alberta that trip would have become a yearly event. Have you ever visited Drumheller or the Calgary Zoo? Do you have weekend family getaways you enjoy? I am always looking for great experiences to have with my minis so please share!