Lets Chat… or Shall we Snap(chat)?


Snapchat, is this a new trend for young and up-comers in the industry? Is it simple to use or am I just too old for Snapchat? Is that an odd thing to ask at 26? 

With all the different types of Social media platforms out there it is hard for every business to be the best in every platform, however Snapchat is the number one way to reach the younger generation. This generation ranges from 13 to 34 years of age.

Snapchat defined by the atlantic “is a photo-sharing service with one key distinguishing feature: the photos you send disappear. Seconds after opening “snaps,” users can no longer access them and the images are deleted from the company’s servers.”

Snapchat was first made to send nude photos of yourself to others, since the photos could not be saved, it was a “safe” way of making sure those nudes didn’t end up in the wrong hands. However Snapchat quickly evolved and is now one of the fastest growing apps out there. The company tapped into a desire among younger internet users to be able to share photos without having it logged. It is stated that almost 350 million photos are shared on this device daily, that is a little less than seven times the number of pictures that instagram users post.

My question is, how does an app that was made to send nudes, help businesses?

Here are 7 ways that snapchat can help businesses and why your business needs to be using snapchat:

  1. Provide Access to Live Events; real-time social media marketing is key. It can give audience members direct access to live events, this can be anything from trade shows, to product launches to one of a kind events. With live access it gets your audience more excited as they have a different, more unique view of the event.
  2. Deliver Private Content; with snapchat you can show your audience special content that they might not be able to see on any other social media sites.  Certain brands will often use snapchat to show a sneak peek of the line before it is released.
  3. Offer promos and coupons; You can release contest on snapchat and have special promos that are only done through snapchat, this creates a buzz around your brand and that of your social media. Some contest you could do is take a snap of them using your product, chances are they will put that in their story and you will receive free advertisement.
  4. Its popular; Snapchat is one of the most used apps at the moment, you need to get your marketing in where you can. If people are using it now they will continue to use it in the future.
  5. Behind the scenes; by showing the audience a behind the scenes look into your company, makes you a little more human and less a big company. The audience wants to see how products are made, and the people working for the company, Snapchat can help make that happen for you.
  6. Quick tips; if you show quick tips on how to use your products, your audience is going to quickly grow, as they will be excited to see what else you can use your product for and any knowledge that you have. By showing this on social media, it makes the consumer feel like an insider on your product.
  7. Snapchat stories; Small business trends website states that snapchat stories are “One of the strongest tools for marketing on Snapchat is a story. These series of images and/or videos can be used to lay out a sequential campaign that sticks around for 24 hours.”

In conclusion, Snapchat is widely used by members aged 13-34. If you sell to the under 34 demographic, then snapchat is worth a serious look. Social media is key nowadays to market to the younger generation. Snapchat is the new thing, and to keep with the times, businesses need to jump on the Snapchat train and hold on until Snapchat makes it final trip.


3 Reasons Contests on Social Media Are Awesome!.. + 3 Reasons I Hate Them.


I am the Promotions Director for two radio stations in Cornwall, ON. My job revolves around developing and executing AMAZING contests and promotions. However, in the past year or so, the contest playing field has drastically changed. Gone are the days of “be the 10th caller through”. Even simple “enter online at our website” contests are showing a decline in entries. Why? Because today, people prefer entering on Facebook!

Earlier today, I ran a Facebook contest that resulted in the most comments of any posts EVER on our Facebook page (over 9,500 comments on one post), over 200 new “likes” to our page, and a post reach of over 14,000 people. This is by far the most engagement any of our contests has ever seen and it was all within 12 hours on Facebook. Sounds great, right?! Well… it can be… but, as the person who has to manage them, it can also be a nightmare.


3 Reasons Contests on Social Media Are Awesome

  1. Non-Contest Players Are More Likely to Play
    When it comes to radio specifically, only 2-5% of your listening audience will actually participate in a contest. The number is so low, I sometimes wonder why Promotions Departments actually exist. Ok, I do know why they exist. Our goal is to not only build contests for our contest playing listeners, but to also execute them in a way that everyone can play along (even if they won’t actually call in to win). How does social media help? A LOT more people play. Why? Because it’s easy. There are minimal steps (ie: just “like” to be in the draw) and because it’s easy to share, word gets around a lot quicker that there’s some great give away happening!
  2. They Are Easy to Execute
    A quick graphic (like the one above) and away you go! Post it and let the fun begin. If the prize is appealing (doesn’t always have to be concert tickets… but something that fits your business and is desirable to your followers), the post will just grow organically which is great for your brand.
  3. They Are Exciting
    The contest we ran today had over 9,500 comments (which equals 9,500 entries). The last 5,000 comments came in between 8:45pm and 9:00pm, when the contest closed. I can assure you, our staff who are admins on that Facebook page probably hate me right now – all of our devices have been lighting up with notifications! But, the good news is that we have several new people on our page and now we have the opportunity to hook them!


3 Reasons Why I Hate Contests on Social Media

  1. They Can Be Tricky to Manage
    You have to be very careful to ensure your contest complies with the rules set out by each individual social media platform. For example, in a contest on Facebook, you can’t ask people to “share this post” for the chance to win. However, they can “like” or “comment” to enter. Also, when you get thousands of comments, it can take hours to sort through and either enter them in to a random draw or decipher who the winner actually is.
  2. They Can Cause Confusion Which Equals Angry People
    One thing I highly recommend… make sure your social media contests are laid our perfectly clear. Identify age restrictions, entry restrictions, and you are required to have your own set of Rules & Regulations. If you don’t clearly layout the guidelines, and trust me – I’ve made this mistake, you’ll be bombarded with questions and people disagreeing with how a winner was selected. This isn’t fun and can also result in negative comments around your brand being posted all over social media… not good!
  3. There’s More Room for Error / You Have No Control
    In my experience, most people don’t thoroughly read Rules & Regs when they enter contests. While there are some days I’d like to say “not my problem – you don’t win”, the reality is that you really have to guide people through and be empathetic. When someone sees an exciting contest on Facebook – they quickly enter and move on with their day and you simply can’t control it. That’s when you end up with a 13-year-old winner although the Rules say you must be 18 and publicly, I have to state that there was a mistake and we must pick another winner… (can you sense that this may have happened today?!?!).


Now, although I have 3 reasons to “hate” contests on social media, I have to say they have proven to be very successful for us in radio land (200 new likes in 12 hours – wahoo!) … it just requires a little patience and a whole lot of trial and error.

Have you ever entered / would you ever enter a contest on Facebook (or other social media sites)? Do you think social media contests are beneficial for businesses trying to increase audience?