Social Media Conspiracy – COM0011 – Post 5

I may or may not believe in aliens but do not think they are using Twitter and Facebook to subvert Humanity or any other conspiracy type agenda but did get to thinking what some may consider to be some strange and weird thoughts after happening upon some articles relating to Social Media and Conspiracy Theories.

The Great Social Media Conspiracy

A post that discussing the idea of “compers” and how they are used to artificially inflate social media stats

The Google AdSense Conspiracy Theory

This post talks about an expose done on Google that claims that Google stopped payouts to publishers in the AdSense program.

NSA Surveillance Pales Compared to Social Media Data Collection

Darth Vader Supports NSA

This post suggests that what the NSA has done is not nearly as effective as what Social Media more specifically their Apps for your phone are doing. This article gave me something to think about.

Do you read the pop-us, license agreements and permissions requests thoroughly. I know I don’t but I certainly will from now on.

I don’t think that my personal life is much of a threat to world security but I think this post raises an interesting series of questions.

Why does my Facebook App need access to my camera and microphone?

My intent is not to scare people away from Social Media

Interesting to think that reading an unrelated article to my search about how Star Wars and Karate Kid are similar connected me to posts related to aliens, the MSA, Google, Compers and Apps that may be asking for too much data – Maybe it was aliens?