I am not sure if this amazing video crossed anyone’s path this last week on Facebook, but I have to say, after seeing this commercial I absolutely died! I love the whole idea about this commercial. I think I like the fact that the women in this commercial is not giving up on the idea of paper. I wouldn’t say it is just about paper, but about the whole idea of not giving up on the more concrete things.

My mother is a librarian, and it took forever for me to convince her to use a kindle. She always would say, that she loved the way the books felt in her hands, and the way the books smelt, that you really became more engaged in the book when you have to flip the pages. However, after many trips, and many books being packed in suitcases, she discovered the convenience of having a kindle. However, still to this day my mother has now owned a kindle for many years. She still buys hard copies of books and still has a stack beside her bed, but uses her kindle for more when she travels.  I believe my mother is moving forward with the changes in technology, but is keeping herself grounded with her hard copies still.

I am not sure if I loved this commercial so much, because it really hits home with me. I think the guy is so attached to his iPad/tablet and just thinks everything his wife is doing by hand on paper is her not getting with the times. After watching it a few times I stopped and realized I hugely depend on my cellphone, and laptop daily!

Am I like the man in this video?

I am the first one in my group of friends to stop everything and look something up on my phone when a debate breaks out and we need an answer. I also have a note section full on my phone of grocery lists, to-dos, Christmas lists etc. Have I become too much with the times? Have I forgotten what it is like to simple play sudoku with a pen?  Is this commercial showing us what our future children will grow up like?

Are we placing to high of a value on technology? I often find it crazy when my nieces and nephews (please note all of them are under the age of 4) can use my phone better than me! It is crazy that already, this young generation is adapting to technology more than they are adapting to colouring on a piece of paper. Many toy companies are now including the iPad version of the toy as well. For example, the Furby: when I was 9 it was a fun toy you played with and had to teach how to speak, and you took care of it, all with your own hand…. NOW the Furby is a toy you place in front of your iPad and interact with it via the iPad.

I truly believe this commerical is showing us how much paper is dying. I truly commend the toilet paper company Le Trèfle on this amazing display of technology vs. paper, in such a fun and witty manner. Are there any other commercials out there right now, that push the boundaries of technology?