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Is social media affecting your mental health ?

Is social media affecting your mental health ? a question I find myself asking all the time. After watching Bailey Parnell’s TEDx talk – Is social media hurting your mental health. It made me self reflect on the countless times I have spent scrolling through Instagram asking myself the same questions Bailey Parnell asked herself . Why am not that successful? , if only I was that beautiful , doubting my self worth over others instagram posts and instagram highlights . I really have been so sucked into the social currency like talked about in the TEDx talk I had forgotten just like me those perfect posts and highlights were only the best of a persons life not reality . I have noticed as my social media use goest up it does affect my mental health. I get anxiety over the way I looked over a post , anxiety over of missing out if I took time to social media detox . With 70% of Canadians on social media I know I am not alone , Has social media affected your mental health if so how?

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“Hit the ‘Subscribe’ button…thanks!” – Big Brother

Is it just me or is every single “Youtuber” on the planet asking me to subscribe to their channel?  I understand why they are doing it but my goodness…please, put down the iPhone camera and exhale!  In their relentless pursuit for wealth accumulation, some individuals are convinced that starting a Youtube channel will take them to the promised land.  And in many cases, it has.  My problem is, once I click on that ‘Subscribe’ button, I am greeted with every Youtube video ever made by that channel, all the related Youtube videos I might like associated with that channel and all the spam email that goes with it.

It feels like an electronic information junkyard.  How do we defeat the marketing overload phenomena? Social media certainly has its place in our lives, our businesses and can be effective as we all know.  So is there anything we can do to remain active in social media all the while avoid being overloaded or overloading our audience with marketing madness?  In my search, I stumbled on an article in The Guardian titled “Content overload on the web is a turn-off: here’s how to manage it.”.  The article speaks to the challenges faced by publishers who are trying to stay alive let alone relevant.

One of the interesting points made in the article is the fact that a publisher obviously needs to advertise so they will engage in banner ads and content marketing for which they receive revenue.  However, it is those very advertising tactics that may drive the intended audience away negating the whole objective of the activity.  What would you do if you were a publisher faced with this problem?

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