B2C Case Study: Spotify

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I love Spotify. I was hesitant about a subscription service for my music back when it was first coming into the picture, but about four years ago my sister-in-law turned me onto them. How did she sell me? They had Eddy Arnold’s Cattle Call on there. I have obscure tastes in music ranging anywhere from old country western to eighties synth with space vibes. Spotify has it all, and it recommends new stuff based on your tastes! I have discovered a lot of new music this way and have easily recommended it to all friends and family. 

Despite being a great service with a lot of word-of-mouth and recommendation style marketing going on, Spotify is also very active on social media. Spotify has a strong following on social media, which is partly due to its star power. The popular app has teamed up with many musicians to create content that encourages consumers to stay engaged and intrigued. Faces like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake fill its feed their faces and voices. It has no trouble catching followers’ attention and engage with them by responding to its tweets or comments. 

Spotify itself is also considered a social media network. The service has 217 million users on it as of April 2019 (1) and is growing as a popular place for advertisers to take their campaigns. Company’s want to connect with consumers in places where they already spend a lot of their time; Instagram, Facebook and now, Spotify. The app also offers a community for people. The ability to create playlists and share them with others (and yes, unless you’ve specifically identified them as private, people can see your embarrassing playlist names), the ability to create, share and enjoy podcasts, and of course, it can be used to flesh out your personal brand. For example, a company can make its own account, create a bunch of playlists that create the feeling and vibe of your company, then encourage consumers to come and listen to them. 

Spotify is a great app and a great business. It sells a subscription directly to the consumer that removes the need for hoarding and buying individual songs or CDs. It is the next level of the music industry and has successfully made it to the top of the competition. The move to include paid advertisements was an excellent decision and helps them to stay on top and change with the times. Becoming its on social media network may be the most genius move of all. 


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COM0014 – Blog Post #2 : I Have an Amazing Story to Tell!

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I am passionate about writing. I want to write the next, Game of Thrones, or Harry Potter. The problem is how do I start? What makes a good story that people want to hear? This week’s lesson focused on my problem. To quote the lesson plan, I want to “Inspire, motivate, captivate and entertain my audience.” So, while that elusive best seller is out of reach, I will focus on my blog posts. I will read, write, learn and do it all over again until I reach my goal.

There are a few things in the lesson plan this week that resonate with me. Not only for this assignment, but for all my writing. The main point? Begin with the end in mind. I love this. It makes so much sense now. Social media is a fantastic tool to reach out to people. Blogging is new to me, and this one idea is so crucial. What do I want my audience to get out of my post? What do I want? Engagement. I want people to interact with me and get to know me as a person. I want comments, shares, interaction. Knowing this up front is a good way to understand how I am going to proceed.

The next thing I learned is the elusive passive voice vs active voice. Even while writing this post, my computer is yelling at me! I often write in the past tense, which has that troublesome effect of writing in the passive voice. It is usually the first thing I edit. Active voice makes the story more gripping to the reader. Lesson learned. Write, rewrite, edit, and proof read. Using a beta reader also helps to make sure you are creating your masterpiece as you intended.

The third tidbit of advice is the importance of Grammar, spelling and punctuation. Nothing annoys me more than an unedited book, article, post or anything that I am reading. It not only makes it hard to read, but it makes it look unprofessional. I try to put my piece away for a bit and come back to it later. A fresh set of eyes makes all the difference in proof reading your own work. Writing is easy. Writing well is hard. Writing compelling stories people want to read is demanding and difficult.  It is a gift, and worth all the effort it takes to achieve it.

So how about you? What is your struggle with writing? What stands out when you are reading?

COM0014 – Blog 4 – B2C Case Study

It is pretty much a given these days that large corporations have embraced using social media platforms to engage with their audiences. They also have entire departments that are tasked with running their social media campaigns, and are ready to interact with anyone at any time of day.  But what about small, local businesses.  Local businesses have it harder as they don’t have huge marketing budgets, and unless they are situated in an area with a lot of walk-by traffic, they need to find other ways to attract new business.  When talking about small businesses engaging their customers, I like to use my… or I should say my dogs’ vet clinic, the Newmarket Animal Hospital as an example.

There are a lot of veterinary clinics in Newmarket, Ontario… we’re crazy about our pets here.  The Newmarket Animal Hospital has taken to Facebook to engage with their audience.  They do a good job of posting fairly regularly with a good balance of posts about general pet care, and their services.  In February for pet dental health month they made posts about keeping your pet’s teeth clean, and had a promotion for discount oral health checkups.  This works well as their current clients can share these posts with their own networks and groups as word of mouth advertising.

During their regular business hours, they are very quick to respond to feedback, questions that arise from their posts, and feedback in the reviews section.  An incident occurred a while back where a dissatisfied customer left a very negative review; the person in charge of the social media account was quick to share their side of the story, without pointing fingers.  They even had other clients come to their defense because of their good reputation in the community.

For the most part, the Newmarket Animal Hospital does a decent job with the way they are using their chosen social media outlet; they respond quickly, in a sincere way that everyone appreciates.  They could however be posting a little more frequently, even if it is just picture of their clients… who doesn’t like seeing pictures of adorable pets?