PICTURES.  I can’t get enough of them.  Pinterest.  Tumblr.  Google+.  Instagram.  Photos can tell so many amazing stories with just one glance, and you realize that–

Everyone really does have a story to tell.  

A personal brand is a story.  It’s the main story the brand wants to be known and remembered for, and that story allows the brand to make its mark, like a catchy jingle, a brand wants to stay in people’s mind.

I have a story, and that story is my brand, and my brand is what I’d like people to think about when they think of my work in child care.

100 DAYS OF CHILD CARE PROGRAMMING is my collection of short and snappy creative art and programming ideas for the everyday teacher.

I created it so the ordinary teacher can access extra ordinary ideas.  As a retired on-floor ECE teacher turned college professor, it’s important to me to maintain my first love, the education of young children, by inspiring ECE students.  I’ve never forgotten how to be a new student where learning is new and fresh and exciting.  I want 100 Days to be that niggle of excitement when teacher’s think about doing something new.  I want them to think 100 Days.

I’ve worked in the ECE field for over 20 years, and am proud witness to the emerging barrage of public awareness of the importance of play in young children.  With awareness comes action, and I see many young people answer that call to action by entering the ECE field with a firm respect for the value of play in children.

My contribution to the call is to tame the flurry of information into visually inspiring ideas and easy to do activities with children that stimulate creative play on the most mundane days.   I want students to know where to go to recapture that initial spark.

SECRETLY I want 100 DAYS to be the place where students and teachers go to be inspired to do new and creative things with children. I’d like it to be THE place that immediately comes to mind when teacher’s stop and ask, “What am I going to do with them today?”  I want them to connect with 100 Days for an inspirational answer.