COM0015 Blog #3..Professional Networking Now and in the Future

Since enrolling in this Algonquin College online 5 part Social Media Course January 2017, I have personality run into customers face to face  that I have had conversations with online. Whether it be coordinating their relocation or selling them items from the Allways Gently Used part of the business, it has been awesome to put a face to a voice.

With some clients I have remained in touch though social media, by phone or with them just dropping in with a friend to see what has recently arrived in the Gently Used section.

This year the moving company I work for has been busier than the year prior, it seems that the social media advertising has been working for us in a positive way!  We love it when a potential client mentions to us on the initial call,  I was on your website and decided to give you a call.  My employer and I sit down as time permits to touch base and go over ideas along with discussing just how things are going overall.

At lot of it has been by the trial and error method to date. It is like getting used to a new pair of shoes it takes a bit to feel comfortable and mold them to your feet. My employer has noticed an increase in total moves along with increase in revenue (R.O.I has risen).

Nearing into the month of November in past years we would be thinking about either laying drivers off or cutting each employee back in hours. Lately we have had to turn some last minute bookings away because we have been booked solid, usually 6 to 8 weeks in advance. Being booked 6 to 8 weeks in advance is good for the company which seems to run smoother when all the pieces fit like a puzzle. It also works to our advantage because it leaves us time to work out any last minute issues that may arise from the clients relocation.

With trying to balance out time for my personal life, taking online courses and working full time it sometimes makes it hard to juggle all at once. Especially when work is busting at the seams with not enough time in a day!  You have to prioritize very carefully and have a game plan along with a “what if” secondary plan. Since we are reaching the end of the 5th and final course I will now be able to balance the workload easier. I will be able to concentrate and update our sites and start a blog giving interesting idea’s and information. I have recently touched upon posting some experimental posts on You Tube, I plan on furthering this adventure in the near future. Every so often I enter into Google Search mover smiths falls to see what pops up under sites and images. When we first ventured with social media nothing appeared, it is a whole new ball game now!

Nothing like  finally a great fit !   

It can happen to anyone.

That has the ambition to succeed in life !


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