COM0015-Blog post #2-Strong & Weak Organizations

TED Talks has one of the most impressive social media presences I’ve encountered. TED Talks are entertaining and interesting videos on various subjects and the content is available through many facets of social media, including Facebook (, Twitter (, Google+ (, Pinterest (, Instagram (, YouTube ( and the TED blog ( The TED Twitter account is highly effective; the tweets are often quotes from the TED Talk videos that perform as ‘teasers’ to entice you to visit the blog for more information. For example, the following tweet piques an audience`s interest: “Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.” The videos are always thought-provoking and informative. The TED Twitter account boasts 3.16 million followers, proving how many people enjoy being engaged with the site’s content.
I love to research things, so before I completed a Spartan Race this past June, I researched and prepared for the race, and, in doing so, I was greatly impressed with the Spartan Race team’s use of social media. The main Spartan blog is, which includes race information, but also recipe suggestions and links through to the Spartan Race’s presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. The Spartan Race videos on youTube are incredibly inspirational; whenever I’d feel tired of training for the race, I’d watch one of the videos and it would force me off the couch and make me want to complete a workout. I still receive Spartan workout of the day emails on a daily basis that keep me motivated and encourage me to stay fit. Throughout the race, photos are taken of participants that are then posted on the website; it’s very exciting to see photos of oneself crawling through mud, jumping over fire, and climbing ropes. The Spartan Race’s use of social media is extremely clever because it keeps people engaged throughout the entire process: participants sign up for the race through the website, use the site for race and recipe information, watch youTube videos ( for training inspiration and advice, keep connected with other racers on Facebook and Twitter, celebrate the completion of their race through accessing photos on the blog and on Pinterest; then the “Spartans” are then encouraged to maintain their fitness level after the race through the workout emails and are motivated to participate in future/more difficult races.
Along with training this year, I was also diagnosed with celiac disease, so I’ve switched to a strict gluten-free diet. I’m accustomed to preparing all of my meals from scratch, but this past summer, I was thrilled to discover frozen prepared gluten-free lasagna, shepherd’s pie, and macaroni and cheese that were made from quality ingredients and were safe for me to eat. The products are hard to find, so I searched for the company online. The company is a small company called Maison Cannelle and it’s located in Quebec; its website is: When I visited the site, I was happy to see that they have enough information regarding the products that they sell and the locations where they can be purchased. The site has a link to a Facebook fan page:, which has approximately 955 followers. Despite having good information on the products, this company’s social media presence needs to be updated. The blog features blog posts that haven’t been updated since 2011 on the English site; and since 2013 on the French site. The Facebook page is current and appears to be updated regularly, but the content is only available in French. Ideally, it would be nice to see the company include more content on their English site (if the company is looking to attract non-French speaking customers), an English version of their Facebook page, some updated blog posts added to their main blog, and their “contact us” page could be made more attractive. The company should definitely create a profile on LinkedIn and perhaps an account on Twitter. They have some nice photos in their gallery section on their website, so they might consider a presence on Instagram (maybe pictures of the “Featured Food of the Week” to showcase their products) and Pinterest. Their food is so delicious; I’m sure it could be much more popular with the right social media presence.