Make it or Break it. The Bottom Line

For every business, the bottom line is profits. How can an enterprise ensure they are going to make it? If you are a small business, and you haven’t hired an outside agency to monitor things for you, then expect to spend countless hours trying to decipher where you stand. Larger institutions have in-house staff to take care of this or hire that work out to a social media monitoring conglomerate. 

How do I do this? Where do I go?

Pixabay – Woman with question marks around her

It can be overwhelming if you are in the process of establishing a new business. Where do you begin? Well, looks like it might be the answer if you didn’t know where to start. It is a brand management software company that helps you decipher what would work best for YOU. Their website states “Best comparison List of Vendor Application and Tools”. The first two paragraphs of their home page deliver a brief outline of what they offer. Below that information are questions to help businesses narrow down what suits them, as it is never a “one size fits all” situation. Here is a breakdown of some of those.

  • the number of people in your organization 
  • industry type
  • filters if you want free access or varied subscription options for their software
  • what types of devices you would like to support for monitoring purposes (phone, laptop, computer)
  • organization types. Are you a private, not-for-profit, small business
  • is it a global or more defined demographic
  • most important, to me, would be star ratings of the various available monitoring platform from prior customers
YouTube video – What is Social Media Monitoring?


It operates similarly to an on-line holiday booking platform like TravelocityCheap Flights, or Trivago with all of its filters. You get to pick your destination, hotel, star rating for your hotel, airline transportation, time of departure, and so on. When I decide to book a holiday, I usually do it through a travel agency. I always check prices, location, facilities, customer comments, and star ratings before booking my holiday.


Do you think this is a fantastic option for businesses? Would you invest your money into this type of monitoring marketing platform? Why not take the guesswork out of the equation. Wouldn’t you rather be doing this? Hire a professional.

Person sitting on top of mountain overlooking a lake


How Brands use Social Media Listening to Measure Success – YouTube

Brand Management Software 2021 – Best Application Comparison | GetApp®

Travelocity | Cheap Hotels, Flights, Vacations & Travel Deals

Flights Deals under $99, Airlines Tickets Under $99 ( – Compare hotel prices worldwide


Blog # 3 – Social Media Measurement and Monitoring

Social Media’s Bottom Line for Businesses

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COMM0014 Digital Communication – B2C Study Silk + Snow

Silk and Snow logo

After squandering through various online stores and in-person mattress retailers, I finally came across Silk + Snow, a Canadian brand who sells mattresses for a fair price. With the “Bed In a Box” trend becoming increasingly popular, there has been a surge in competition for those who compete to have the best quality and prices in the industry. Silk + Snow is a B2C company that engages on social media and relies heavily on online advertising to promote and sell their products. Using a wonderful website and a variety of social media platforms, which include Facebook and Instagram, they are effectively able to capture interested buyers and promote products to a vast market online.

Above is a screenshot from Silk + Snow Instagram page, where they use an adorable golden retriever to show how compact the Bed In A Box style mattresses are. With the younger generation being infatuated with social media, the marketability of a compact, quality product that can be mailed to your front door has large appeal. The King-Size version of these beds retail for slightly over 1000$, which compared to the in-store options is an absolute steal! This B2C company proves that versatility, impressive site design and appeal via social media are all key elements of success. Take a look for yourself to see the incredible graphic design and interface that Silk and Snow uses.

Being transparent about your reviews is essential in this day and age. While the Facebook site for Silk + Snow doesn’t have a perfect 5 star rating, they do have many such as the one linked above. By not buying reviews or deleting poor ones, you demonstrate as a company that honesty matters, which can go a long ways with. B2C company. Buying a mattress is a big investment, with many people splurging s much as 5000$ to ensure they have a good night’s sleep. This Canadian company proves that their honesty, ethics, quality of products and reliance on social media to effectively brand and sell their products sets them apart from their competitors. After just spending 1100$ myself on a Silk + Snow, I feel confident recommending them to others and see lots of value in this rising Canadian brand!

Silk + Snow Mattress

Assignment #1, Blog Post #5: COM0014-Personal Branding

When it comes to promoting myself, I want to speak nothing but the truth, sometimes the truth is hard, sometimes its ugly, sometimes its not the best way to sell the brand “me”; regardless the truth is always most appealing and intriguing to people. I am not perfect, not on my YouTube videos, not in Facebook profile picture, not in my filtered Instagram posts, not in my “busy” Twitter feed, and not in real life. I never want to claim or put out this image that I am perfect because I believe that people don’t always appreciate such boastfulness… i never did say that people don’t appreciate a woman who is confident in her abilities.

I make YouTube videos that relate to young girls and women, I talk about faith, fashion, makeup, hair, beauty, friendship, relationships, and everything else that i feel passionate about or can relate to. I have the ability to talk to a camera without feeling awkward or uncomfortable, its actually very freeing and I find that i am most myself when put on the spot like that. I am also a writer, i blog about my faith and bring together teaching, encouragement and relatability. I am sweet, kind, generous, always know as the nice girl with a big heart. I think people like to watch me because i am like a friend, not a celebrity, not an authority, but someone who can help them and understand what they are going through. The best part about me (and i say that with all the humility in the world) is that i am not perfect…i mess up every single day of my life and i don’t want to hide it. When people, especially girls,  know that they are not alone in something that means that creates a want in their heart, to watch or read or know you.

So that is who i am from a personal banding perspective anyway, obviously there is more to me because i do not share every little detail of my life online. Personally i think that is the way things should be because if not we will all find way to many things to complain about and pick on each other for.

My introduction video:

COM0014 – Blog 5 – Personal Brand

One of things that I decided on in regards to my personal brand is being as authentic as possible with all areas of my life. That was around the same time I opened up my Facebook account to accept connections beyond family and close friends.

These new connections were part of Facebook groups I had joined, networking clubs I have attended, events I have attended, connections still to meet in person, and connections associated with Social Media.

Some of my personal qualities and characteristics shine through in every post. It’s my interests, my joys in life and living that shine through. I post graphics that I create, that are positive and motivational. These graphics are designed to brighten up people’s days, like in the case below.

Be Love

I posted the above graphic on one of the groups I am part of on Facebook and to my timeline. That post alone yielded 21 likes and one comment.

Some of the graphics are created to celebrate and share my life as well, as in the case of the next graphic posted to my timeline.

hearts 5

I added the following note to the graphic post:

It’s official – I am registered for the Fall at Algonquin College!! Recently finished 2 courses with wonderful grades (pat on the back) in the Social Media Certificate Program! Now onwards to the next two courses!! #excited #AlgonquinCollege #SocialMedia

The feedback from this post shocked me and taught me the power of allowing connections be part of life events. It yielded 46 likes and 26 comments including a Social Media notable commenting as well on the post.

As I develop my brand, I have found recently the perfect graphic to depict how I want to come across to my audience. I found this graphic a couple weeks ago and resonated with it so much that it’s becoming part of how I determine what to post every day.


The things I am most proud of are my motivational graphics and sharing enthusiasm. It has made my timeline shine in ways that actually make Social Media fun. Due to my attention to what I enjoy sharing, connecting with people has become a true joy. Thus my brand is me!


“Think” Graphic found on


People tell stories and everyone has a story to tell.  Storytelling is important to digital content because it puts a face, a character or a personality to an otherwise faceless media outlet.

People plug in to social media to make connections, and storytelling make those connections happen in the way that stories, people’s stories come from the heart, and people reading the stories feel they know something personally about the storyteller.

What story is here for this martial arts school?

What story is here for this martial arts school?

Big companies are often concerned with their corporate brand.  The public are familiar with their brand and know what to expect.  But imagine, when that brand moves from being some untouchable entity somewhere out there to a series of personal stories about Damien Thomas’ experiences with that company, or how his grandfather grew up with that company’s products in his house, the brand is made personal and is brought closer to the consumer.  When people think about the brand they now think about Damien’s experiences and how his experiences are familiar or connected to their own.

People will gravitate toward what they know and trust.  If companies can create digital content that is derived from people’s stories, they will create an online atmosphere of trusted social connections.

In order to create interesting digital content that people can connect with, I plan to write colourful life experience stories about my work in child care.  I think telling stories that people can relate to will bring them to my blog over and over because they will have their similar stories to tell.

COM0014- Blog #4 – B2C Case Study Dove

According to Dove, their brand is rooted in listening to women. In 2011 Dove conducted their largest global study and discovered that only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful. Dove went on to create a campaign entitled “Real Beauty” using emotion to connect with their target audience: women. They are delivering powerful emotional messages in the hopes of creating a sense of understanding and trust with their consumers. They are frequently referred to as a genius for marketing their brand so successfully.

Dove’s Facebook group is very active; they post frequently and engage in conversation with their followers. Their Twitter account is not as active but their YouTube channel definitely makes up for it. They post many videos and their United States channel has over 92 million views. The viral videos are shared across all social platforms including Google +, Twitter, Facebook and Linked IN.

Focusing solely on their viral video, “Real Beauty Sketches”, Dove currently has over 62 million YouTube views. The video is of a FBI trained sketch artist who first draws a woman as she describes herself and then secondly draws the same woman as described by a stranger. The results concluded that women are too critical of their appearances. According to Business Insider – “in the first two weeks it attracted an incredible 3.17 million shares, that’s more than any other ad has managed in the same period.”

Dove’s social media approach is definitely working. They are creating positive conversation amongst their social followers and at the same time positioning their brand. I know that when I see Dove products I appreciate all they are doing to help women boost their self-esteem and I will purchase their products to support this.

COM0011 – Blog Post 6: Effective Content

Eventually, my personal brand will be that of a communications, media, and design guru, so I will draw from those already existing to describe content that I think would be relevant.

Adele Chan, founder of a special events and PR business called Blank Communications based out of Vancouver, is a lovely example of what I hope to achieve. She works with clients of the beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and consumer brands of Canada and customizes unique communication strategies to enhance brand awareness and growth. If you follow her on Twitter, you’ll notice that she regularly posts ‘features’, ‘client news’, or ‘as seen in’ posts to showcase her clients and what they’re doing, outside of the raw promotional efforts she establishes and organizes with her clients…almost as a way of bragging about them. She also posts short updates or photos on events she has helped organize, or events that she personally cares about. I think this is the kind of content that would matter to her audience because not only does it reinforce her commitment to work with them and help them grow, but it also showcases her work to prospective clients, who may have just been wanting more information about an event and not knowing that she was the force behind it.

I think from a design professional’s point-of-view, any graphic work or videography they may be working on is really relevant, because that type of content is the most snackable and shareable content as far as social media is concerned. So if you were working on a brand launch or a video project, updates on progress or actual video snippets of what’s to come are really relevant and would also generate some excitement leading up to whatever it is you might be launching.

I look forward to all of these aspects of my future!