Blog 6 – COM 0014 Who am I?

When I was seven years old, my family went skating at a lake in Alberta and because I knew how to skate as I had been taking lessons since I was three years old, I was responsible for my father. You see in my family, there is the “Can skate” and the “Can stand up and move skater” and the “Fall down hard” skater. My father fell into the last category and it was my job to help keep him upright and mobile. This was not an easy task as my father was a tall man and, I being only seven years old was not particularly tall or patient. All I really wanted to do was skate really fast around that lake and show off my skills and instead I had to hold my father’s hand and convince him he could do it. So I put on my best face and waited for my dad to get his skates underneath his 5”12 stature and stand upright with balance. When that was achieved, I held out my hand and coaxed my father that yes he really could take a step and that I would help him. Well I must have been convincing because my father did try to take a step and another and another and that is when we all came to the realization that skating was not a sport he should ever do again. That realization came crashing down, On TOP OF ME as my father wobbled precariously and landed flat on top of me.

Since that day I knew what I wanted to do! I wanted to teach figure skating and help pass the love of gliding around on these thin pieces of metal.

I accomplished that goal and took pride in the fact that I was able to show adults and children the joy of skating. Of course, had it not been for my father, I may have taken up speed skating!

New Opportunity Seeks New Look – Blog Post #6

On Monday, April 20th I will be starting a new job! My new role will see me moving into a new office and I would like it be an inviting space to meet with client and colleagues.

I don’t know much about the space I will be occupying other than it will be an office with a door, so I know I will have walls. This article from provides a few tips to consider to help me picture


Make First Impressions Count – In my new role, I will be a consultant to local entrepreneurs and other business people. There won’t be much first impressionfreedom in the design but I look forward to having an office space that people enjoy spending time in.

Add a Splash of Color – It is not likely that there will be an opportunity for a change of color scheme but I hope to add some interest with decorative accents.

Look for Cost-Effective Office Furniture Alternatives – My new space will be pre-furnished so I will work with what I am provided.

clutterDeclare War on Office Clutter – I have fallen victim to clutter in the past but have managed to keep things sorted out when ‘company’ comes to visit. My new role will see more frequent visitors and therefore I will need to keep things in better order.


Plan to Win the Office Space Race – Having been in my current role for almost six years, I am pretty used to where everything is and where things go. I am sure it won’t take too long to get in the groove in my new spot.

Put Yourself into a Position of Power – There is likely not much opportunity to change things around in my new space but I do hope to make the most of what I am given.

Connect with the Local Arts Community – I look forward to having some art in my new space and while I may not have the luxury of an original mural I do hope to have something interesting on my walls.

Don’t Overlook Ergonomic Issues – My employer is known for promoting a healthy working environment, so I look forward to my new desk and chair.

A View to a Thrill – I think most people hope for a window with a decent view, but even if I don’t have something to look at I know I have something to look forward too – a great new opportunity with room to grow!

Whenever I think of new office spaces this episode from WKRP always seems to comes up.  While I don’t know exactly what my new space will look like, I know I won’t need to borrow any of Les Nessman’s tape.