Blog Post #5 – Personal Brand

What is a brand? A brand goes beyond a simple logo. It’s the perception of your company, and how it makes people feel. My brand – Insignia Creative – is not only my visual identity, but my voice, personality, values, and of course the services I provide.

Insignia Creative Group is a small but mighty full-service design studio located in Kitchener, Ontario. We support other small businesses by offering exceptional design and marketing services at affordable rates. We have a streamlined process, and a lower overhead, allowing us to pass additional savings to our clients, who would typically spend 2x the amount on the same or lesser advertising efforts. We establish goals for everything we create, and align our design and marketing to ensure our clients get the results they seek.

Clients tend to comment on the creative flare and insight that Insignia provides them with. Colleagues would likely agree that creativity and reliability are two traits at the top of the list when thinking about Insignia as a brand. I will always go the extra mile to get things done, and done well.

One strategy I’ve recently tried (to make my small business stand out and reach audiences I wouldn’t normally reach) is advertising via good old-fashioned mailers. I downloaded a list of local companies from the Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce website, and was able to obtain contact information of other business owners. Typically advertising agencies do not go this route, but I wanted to experiment. In total, I sent out 30 professionally printed mailers, directed to local busines owners. While I did not receive a response as of yet, I did notice an uptick in visitors to my website as well as my google page. The next mail-out I send, I will be calling these companies to introduce myself as a local business owner. (Support local!)

Marketing and Social Media Tools that Surprised Me

Marketing and Social Media Tools that Surprised Me

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During the last few months, while taking this social media certificate at Algonquin College, I have found quite a few new social media marketing tools and applications. Some were completely unexpected to me.
The two applications that I am going to mention in today’s blog, I want to explore more in the next few months.


I started exploring a few new tools and I must say that I thought that I would be too old for TikTok because their demographic is between the ages of 16-24. But after giving it a closer look I started to like it and made an account. I am not sure yet how often I will post something there, because I am still figuring out the platform but the more time I spent on it the more I like it.
And quite honestly, I never thought I would say that about TikTok.

With 800 million active users this app can just be worth a try and be a powerful tool in the marketing strategy of any business.

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The second social media marketing tool that was unexpected for me is Canva. Before I took the courses at Algonquin College I had heard about Canva, but I was surprised how user-friendly the tool is and that even the free version lets you create beautiful content for your social media platforms.
Recently I started using Canva to help create content for my first client that she used on her Instagram page (see screenshot below). This will be my go-to tool for the future for creating content.

What social media marketing tools and applications surprised you? Let me know in the comments below.