COM0014 – Blog #6 – Do People Know Your Story?

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Throughout all the assignments and courses related to the social media certificate program at Algonquin College, I’ve had the chance to explore myself as a brand and expand on my writing skills. In most of my blog entries, while I do often write about subjects which I am passionate about, I try to establish a certain distance, as I do not enjoy revealing too much personal information. However, for this “Do People Know Your Story” blog entry, I thought it a good opportunity to be more vulnerable and more personal. Just as John Jantsch writes in his article about storytelling, “personal experiences humanize you, and they help audiences forge emotional connections with you.” As a result, I’ve decided to concentrate on these questions by Jantsch for this post: “Who am I? What do I do?” And “What excites me to get out of bed every morning (related to my business)?”

I am currently unemployed. However I am actively searching for a career in the film industry. Right now, with the pandemic, it has been a very trying time. Finding a job in a field which I am passionate about has been difficult because fewer people are hiring and many productions and film festivals have been either put on hold or have been converted to online formats. I know that I am not the only one to experience difficulty finding employment, so many people are in the same boat as I am. As a result sometimes questions like “what do I do?” and “what excites to get out of bed every morning?” generate a scornful response of “well … currently nothing.” However, I’ve found that concentrating on projects such as completing this course, starting a blog, creating workshops, knitting, painting, and reading are helping with the many overwhelming feelings this pandemic has brought on. These projects make me exited to get out of bed, and make my days feel productive when I need a break from searching and applying for jobs. Some days are harder than others, however, reminding myself that I am not alone in this, and finding ways to be productive and creative in other aspects of life (like arts and crafts) have helped. 

For anyone else who might be either in the same situation, here is an article which I found helpful on Guy Winch gives suggestions for finding employment, and I particularly like his last suggestion “take a step back, and reset.” While he says that this is a good time to re-evaluate your objectives, I think it is also good to take the time to do things which you enjoy to be able to manage anxiety and frustration from this situation and take care of yourself. 

Assignment #1 Blog #6.. Do People Know Your Story?

I work in the relocation business which means we can be responsible for industrial, retail business, municipal and provincial organizations along with the everyday person looking to move from one location to another. We are a trusted company that goes that extra mile to make our clients experience worry free. Meanwhile there are some moving companies out there that are looking for that quick dollar and they have no shame on how they acquire it!

One morning late last year I received a phone call at work from Wendy wanting to ask a few more questions about her move that she just booked with our company. I replied to her that this was the first time we had spoken. She asked if my name was Olivia? I replied saying no my name is Cheryl. She then asked for Olivia which I informed her there was no one by that name working here. She then told me that our affiliate company by the name of Red Maple Moving & Storage based out of Mississauga gave her a rate to move her this morning and took her credit card number for deposit. I immediately informed her we do not have any affiliates and to call her credit card company and hopefully any funds would still be in the pending stage.

As soon as I got off the phone with Wendy, I contacted the manager of our main website provider at Site Dudes and let her in on what has happened. Some how our main contact email was hacked though their site. We immediately changed our passwords and Site Dudes set up a sting hoping to catch the culprit. Red Maple Moving & Storage was contacted and asked for their address which was found to be a UPS store located in Mississauga.

I have a friend that is a manager at Toronto Crime Stoppers and I contacted her giving the information that was collected including Wendy’s contact info. She filed a report and found out that Toronto Police are currently investigating the company Red Maple Moving.

Below is a link to Red Maple Moving out of Mississauga, Ontario.

Mississauga Moving Company that said they are affiliated with All Ways Moving Company in Smiths Falls

Fortunately Wendy did reach her credit card company in time to remove the pending charges to her credit card. We did book her move, she also came into the office to personally thank me for the quick thinking and action taken. Red Maple Movers are on the police radar and have been charged. My employer was very proud of me on how quickly a disaster was turned into a positive outcome.

What more could one ask for for a Happy Ending!