COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study

COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study

Today I will be looking at a business that has upped the ante when it comes to using social media for marketing purposes.  While it may not be the obvious choice, one of the stars of Twitter and other social platforms is, undoubtedly, KFC.  While a fast-food chicken place may not seem like they have a sense of humour, they have had their fingers on the pulse of public interest for a long time.  Over the years, they have run a number of successful advertising campaigns that stick in people’s minds.  For instance, their Christmas hit in 2013 was “The Taste that Unites”, a hilariously catchy song that I even bought on iTunes so I could get the full version.

In recent years, though, social media has gained a lot of focus for the company.  They are very active on Twitter and like to engage with their public.  They even managed to bury an Easter Egg in their Twitter account, as one keen-eyed user pointed out when he realised they only followed 11 accounts on the platform: six random people called Herb, and all five of the Spice Girls.  When he pointed out that this was “11 Herbs & Spices”, KFC promptly rewarded him with his own painting of himself riding on the back of Colonel Sanders. 

KFC is also quick to send witty and sharp replies to people’s comments, which often makes for a refreshing change from the usual “DM us” response that a lot of company Twitter accounts provide.  They even had an ongoing flirtatious exchange with Tinder at one point, much to the hilarity of the Twittersphere.  All in all, KFC provide quality interactions and quirky responses that keep their audience engaged and interested in their brand.  This approach works well for them, and I imagine they will only take it to new heights in the future.

Anyone else fancy some chicken?


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