COM0014 – Blog #4: The Happy Sleep Company

COM0014 – Blog #4: The Happy Sleep Company

The Happy Sleep Company is a company based out of Ottawa but works with people worldwide. They help families sleep coach their babies and toddlers to get the healthy sleep they need to ensure proper development.

Erin Junker, the founder of the company does an excellent job engaging with her audience (and customers, new and existing) She uses a friendly, happy-go-lucky approach when addressing her audience, and uses bright filters and eye catching images. She has her brand image set in stone, and is very consistent with it. When you see her colors and logo, you know exactly who it is and what they represent. She also incorporates her own family into her posts, which gives us that personal touch. Her target audience is mainly new parents, and so she does an excellent job catching their attention with online giveaways. Not only does she please her audience with the giveaways, but she also gains tons of followers by doing this! She collaborates with companies that give things away that are useful to new parents.

I love how she does question periods with her audience. New and existing customers get the chance to interact with her live on Instagram and ask questions related to sleep. She does this quite often and it really helps out her customers, and definitely gets her more business. She uses catchy, heart warming messages like “Happy Sleep, Happy Parents” which are very eye catching to sleep deprived parents!

Her approach is absolutely working, as her followers and business keeps growing, she even has added more staff members to help with the work load. I know firsthand what she does is working, and definitely recommend her services.

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COM0011- Post #5 – A Little Bundle of Social Media Posts

I have gotten a lot of mixed feedback from people about not posting photos of my children online. I often get a request from friends on Facebook, or grapevine comments about how I should post a photo so that people can see how my daughters look. I like to take pride in the fact that people are curious after hearing about how darn cute they are, but maybe that is more reason for me not to post things online.

Social Media Babies

To be honest, I am not necessarily preventing myself from posting online because of an exaggerated fear of online predators, but I am also not oblivious to the fact that these people do exist. I watched a documentary once about how a photo can be tracked to show where it was taken. In many cases, the coordinates in the photo’s coding can even show you the child’s favorite place to play in a park, or even his or her bedroom.

My main reason for not posting photos of my children online was based on a thought I had before I had my first daughter was born: Why do I think I have the right to post her photo online? This should be a choice of hers when she is old enough to make that informed choice herself.

The internet is a scary beast, and once it is online, anyone can find it. That does not mean that everyone will have malicious intent. However, in a world of limited privacy, it would be nice to know that someone “had my back” before I was born to ensure that I could choose the amount of access to my life people would have.

I never posted pictures of ultrasounds, or when my babies were born, or pictures of them playing outdoors. When I have seen photos online, or when people have kindly informed me of these photos, I kindly request that they be removed. Nobody has ever questioned me making these requests. I have, however, posted status updates announcing the birth of my children, including their full names, date of birth, weight and height.

I also understand that for some people, posting on FacebookFacebook Baby is a convenient way for all their friends and relatives around the world to see the photos in one shot. I also recognize that for some people this is the only way to share photos with their families. I preferred more private methods of texting a photo or emailing (although I recognize that even these are not completely private and secure). I also do not judge those who post their children’s photos online, and admit that I enjoy seeing all the cute kiddos in my newsfeeds.

I am curious to know your opinions on this, however…not so much suggesting that I start posting photos, but rather: Do babies have a right to privacy from the womb to young-adolescence when it comes to their photos online? Or should this be an acceptable norm?