The AR (Augmented Reality) boom is coming. Here are 3 categories where we will look at the changes that will come (some are already there but still need fine tuning).

Travel & Tourism

With traveling getting cheaper and an increase in demand for unique experiences. AR will be there to help smudge out those navigating issues, language barriers, crowded tours and restaurant/hotel booking.

While functioning with interactive maps, AR can direct you with arrows to your destination. During that time you may see signs that the camera will be translating for you. Also you may pass by landmarks that the camera picks up and/or geolocations picks up that will feed you information about this historical landmark. Maybe something in a store catches your eye and the AR device will translate what you are saying into the designated language and translate back for you. When looking for a hotel or choosing a restaurant you can have 360 degree view of the meals or hotel rooms.


Companies are always looking for ways to improve productivity and profit. AR will be a huge help to that end with training, creativity, retail and technical support.

Training cost a lot. AR can help train on the job and also offer simulations that will increase confidence and help prevent accidents. The way AR affects creativity is through, being able to visualize a 3D design from a 2d concept. In retail shoppers will be able to see a 3d model of the item they are interested in and help them on decide on buying it. Real-time technical support with video conference and being able to share information on the job will greatly improve the latency between task.


When it comes to socializing on the internet. AR is changing a lot. From animojis to filters.

Being able to send an emoji that gets configured by your facial expressions (that’s an animoji), to a filter that changes how you or your surrounding looks. Like the tech support you could real-time your mom and share information on what to buy at the grocery store from what is missing in the fridge.

Links with more info down below. Where else do you see AR improving or failing?

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