COM0014 Blog # 1: What I Did On My Vacation

Last week we took our first ever cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy. We sailed from Port Canaveral, Florida  to St. Maarten, St. Thomas and  Disney’s private island Castaway Cay. I know that my son had the time of his life, especially given that the cruise was his 6th birthday celebration, but   I wanted to understand what he  truly enjoyed and thought it would be fun to do a top 5  vacation recap with him.

His Top 5:

1. Kids Clubs –Making new friends, playing games, interacting with the characters up close and personal, Toy Story boot camp and so much more.

Goofy2. Riding the AquaDuck – if you ask him he will tell you that  he rode it at least 20 times (he is not exaggerating) and he’ll tell you that it’s awesome!


3. His 6th birthday – his decorated stateroom and surprise presents and the very special butterfly at the butterfly farm in St. Thomas that chose to land on him on his special day.

Birthday Butterfly

4. Playing Midship Detective Agency – He loved solving the whodunit mysteries Disney style. The interactive and dynamic LCD artwork is very cool.

Ship Detective5. Pirate Night –  Dressing up as a pirate, seeing all his favourite pirates (Jake, Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow) and the fireworks. (they stayed up for the fireworks – yay!!!)

Pirate Night

His least favourite thing – “All the listening I had to do” he said.  Defensively, I asked “Excuse me, all the listening you had to do?” He said “yes mom, change your clothes, take a shower, come eat dinner, and don’t touch your brother. There were just too many rules.”  Yes, clearly I was the unreasonable party here.

My top 5:

1. My time at the spa – a pedicure, a facial, a perfect deep-tissue bamboo massage and more against the beautiful backdrop of the Caribbean.


2. The perfect  date night at PALO, a fine dining Italian restaurant named after the signature long poles used to push and pull gondolas in and around Venice.

Palo osso Buco

3. Enjoying  signature cocktails at the chic Skyline Bar, set against the seductive backdrop  to the 7 LCD big screens—Skyline’s “windows to the world”—that not only depict a different city locale every 20 minutes, but magically transform from day to night as each day progresses.

Skyline Lounge

4The Broadway style shows like Aladdin and late evening movies on the funnel vision with my little guy.


5. Riding the AquaDuck with my son – He’s right. An elevated and thrilling water coaster on the deck of a ship – that’s pretty fantastic indeed.

My least favourite thing-  The Ports are great but  I felt the pressure of being back on the ship by a certain time especially since my son was at the kids club (his choice of course).  We took island tours, spent time on the beach,  and did some shopping but I was always looking at the time.  The Ports offer exciting excursions but unfortunately my kids were too little for most of them.

Castaway Cay

How about you? Have you been on a Disney cruise? If not would you consider going? If so, what would make your top 5?

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