COM0014 – Blog #5: Personal Brand

COM0014 – Blog #5: Personal Brand

Born and raised in the Anglican Church, it is no surprise I ended up working for the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa just a few years after graduating University.  As soon as I started working there, I quickly began making a name for myself. A few years into my work there, I became the Diocesan Conference & Events Coordinator. Not long after that, I added Communications to my role as well. Now I plan, execute, and evaluate over 50 diocesan events per year, manage our social media, and teach our parishes how to leverage social media to their advantage. 

When I think of my Personal Brand, some qualities and characteristics I have that set me apart from competitors are that I am outgoing, upbeat, collaborative, approachable, a professional event planner and social media consultant, with a heart for philanthropy, and a great storyteller.  

To make myself stand out, I volunteer with a youth program and use my event planning and social media skills to better the program. I have also led a Lunch & Learn on using social media in churches to help our churches grow, become visible online, and use technology to reach a younger demographic. 

In speaking with my colleagues, they believe my best trait is my level of creativity. When the pandemic hit, I was the first one figuring out how to convert events, workshops, and annual meetings into online events. In November 2020 we hosted our first virtual fundraiser, and in May of 2021 we will be hosting our second one – this time with home delivered goodie bags!   

While I have accomplished many great things in my life that I am proud of, right now, what I am most proud of, is that I have successfully grown our corporate social media followings by 90% since taking them over. I have turned them from dull pages to interactive, engaging, and follow-worthy with interesting stories, theological information, and even a few humorous posts! It reiterates the hard work of my schooling and reminds me that I am on the right track! 

It is hard to write about your own Personal Brand, but it so important to do! What are you most proud of? What is your greatest trait? Tell me about your Personal Brand in the comments below!