COM0015 – Post 3 – Professional Networking: Now and in the Future

I must say I am very excited to be able to actually make a strategy to develop my professional network. With my 2014 accelerated pursuit of 26 online courses, my network (and my life) was on hold for the last year. Now that I am down to my final course, I can finally lift my head and see what is happening around me. The biggest question is where to start…

QuestionPeopleOne priority is to refresh my image on various social media platforms, as well as my website to bring them up to date and align them with my current outlook. The past year has offered me personal success and improvements which need to be incorporated into my online profile. My company needs a fresh face for reintroduction.

An important step is to reconnect with my pre-existing contacts and forums to let them all know that I have completed my studies, what I am up to now, what has changed and where I am headed. I also want to know what has been happening with them, what I have missed, and bring myself up to date on their current circumstance.

Thankfully, I will finally have time to listen to people and respond instead of a rushed apology for not having time. Offline, I will talk at the gym, riding the trails, waiting in lineups, and walking through my neighbourhood. Online will see me connect via LinkedIn, at webinars (I have so many to catch up on), in forums and online with colleagues. Reading and writing blogs by choice has been absent from my life for over a year.

Also, I will start reaching out to make new connections. This I will accomplish through my current network both on and offline. With my new found “time freedom”, I have already started looking for events, seminars and meetings to attend. I serve on two boards of directors for non-profit organizations and I want to immerse myself into the fundraising programs for this year that I missed out on in 2014. These type of events are perfect for expanding networks both for the organizations as well as myself.

Especially, I will once again enjoy the camaraderie of my coworkers and mentors to expand my network through theirs and participate in company events. I really missed the interaction with clients who had to be reassigned during my studies. I look forward to reconnecting with them and enhancing their businesses by implementing my new knowledge and fresh perspective.

Over the past year, I have forged many new connections with classmates and facilitators and while it was very enjoyable to bond with like-minded people it was done briefly and only touched the surface. I don’t want that network to become fleeting and hope to spend some time acquainting myself with those connections and expand my network to include them permanently. Are you ready to join me?

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