COMM 0014 Post #5 Shylow’s Personal Brand


What makes me unique?

I find the first thing that sets me apart is my name, when I give a self introductory I say to people “hello my name is Shy to the Low” and people enjoy that catchy phrase to help them remember, I even created a word press blog with that name.

My word press blog and other forms of social media is are posted below, your more than welcome to follow me and comment on anything you would like.

WordPress: @Shy2thelow




Ever since I was old enough to write, I have always enjoyed writing and creating books filled with poetry and stories. I find this is my unique quality, because it’s a PASSION of mine for a very long time. I crave to write daily and if I can’t write, I feel as though my mind becomes overwhelmed.

Writing to me is a passion of releasing emotion and creating words of inspiration for myself and others. Here is a poem I created from one of my 7 books that are now written but not published

I have added a link with a little information on the first book I want to publish also,

The book is called Everyone is an unforgettable piece, I completed my Business – Sales and Marketing degree so that I could self publish and market my own creative stories and ideas.


Shylow Cutler – Business Sales and Marketing degree

I believe that because I have passion for art and writing, I am not afraid to take a more personal approach to communications and social media.

School for me was one of the biggest accomplishments because, I was the first person in my family to graduate from a college after paying for it myself. I worked really hard for 2 years to achieve my marks and diploma.

I may not have been a straight A student all the time or 100% perfect on grammar, but I know that the one thing that sets me apart from others is my HEART and my PASSION to write. I want to create a voice on the internet or media, in hopes that one day I will help inspire and build a new perspective for people.


Free hand painting by Shylow