Twitter vs Tumblr For Fandoms

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If you are new to the term fandom here is the definition “the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc., regarded collectively as a community or subculture”. Many people on many social media applications/websites have found their fandoms, and have made many friends through these shows, movies, artists, etc.

The big debate right now, at least in my fandoms are which website/application to use? Tumblr used to be the website to be on for anything; as long as it was a fandom you could find it there. Nowadays though, twitter is the place to be! Tumblr is still being used, just not as much as it had been years prior.

A very popular fandom I’m in is the Pokemon fandom, known from it’s tv show that has been going on for 20 years now, a trading card game, mainline game series, side game series, and the Pokemon Go app. It’s home used to be on Tumblr, but alas a bunch of my friends have moved to Twitter, and when I ask why they state it’s quicker and easier.

Now mobile apps definitely aren’t the best and the Tumblr one crashes a lot or doesn’t work properly. While Twitter is almost always working possibly maybe a glitch here, but not much happens to Twitter. It is a reliable website/application.

I am not a fan of change when it comes to these things, where it should be plain and simple, so I so far have stayed on Tumblr. But I did make a twitter account for this side of me so it is separate from my main account. And was I ever wrong! It is a breath of fresh air, cliche maybe but it feels like I have fallen in love all over again. The art from fans on twitter is astounding! Tumblr has had great artists but Twitter makes it seem so brand new.

Change is good. I like this change, I still use Tumblr though. I will never leave it for good. I can’t just pack my bags and leave with no reason. Tumblr works amazing for the posts I do (writing), so it is good for me and what I do. I do see though how artists feel when they post on Tumblr and it gets lost in the tags, so Twitter picks that up for them.

So what do you use? Are you a Twitter person? Or Tumblr? Or do you not even know/use these? I would love to find a good platform for all kinds of creativity.

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Need to unwind? Unplug? Read this before you do.

Unplug, to leave social media behind for a period of time, or forever. When do you need to do this? How do you know? Well my friend, let’s begin on how I did it myself.

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When I unplugged myself, I left a job that wasn’t fulfilling me. They were not abiding the law, they had me working every hour we were open, and I never had any breaks or vacations. So when I took the plunge into deciding if I should go or not, I asked them about a vacation since I never had one, and my parents bought me a ticket to come to Cuba with them.

They did not want me to go, so I stayed for the holiday season so I wouldn’t be rude to them by leaving them when they need me the most. But after it was over, I gave in my two weeks notice. The day I ended my last shift, was the day I went to Cuba.

Cuba already isn’t the best with internet, so I decided to not even bother. To be away from social media for a whole week. It was hard for the first few hours, when I had to wait for the bus, to then wait for the time we could get our resort key. After that though, it was so nice. The weather wasn’t the best, but it was still way better than Canada’s weather that we were away for. The food at the resort was okay, the barbecue guy though was amazing. The room itself was fine, nothing fancy, the beach wasn’t the place to go while we were there (January), it was too windy. The pool was amazing, and the bar did good lemonades.

It was also the time I did an excursion to Habana. That was amazing because I went on my own (with a bus filled with other tourists), but I wanted to explore while I was there. A lot of times I wished I could have pulled out my phone and posted right away to social media, but I couldn’t. So I took many photos, videos, and boomerangs to post once I got home. A lot of them though never got online. Only a few passed my ‘expectations’ for photos. All of them were beautiful though!

I now realize it though. I had a hard time to show my true self online. I wanted to be professional, when really I needed to be personable. To show them that I went to the Beatles bar in a Rolling Stones shirt! To show that I do like coconut, but not coconut water!

Once I came back home to Canada, from a long day of traveling I went straight to bed. I honestly did not go on social media right away. I text messaged my friends since I also did not have cell service while I was away. I slowly went back into it, and it felt amazing. I now go days without going online. It feels good to be able to do this. I really recommend everyone to unplug. There are multiple benefits, but I’ll only list 3 today.

  1. More time. I spend so much time online when I do, just aimlessly scrolling. Like mindless eating you do too much, the same with mindless social media scrolling, you do too much. You spend a good hour doing so. So thus, when you take a break it feels like you have a bunch of time back.
  2. Feeling good. I personally see a bunch of negativity in social media because of twitter, so I then don’t feel the best. So when I take my occasional days off, I feel amazing! Nothing brings me down. I feel good that I am away from it as well.
  3. Being present in the moment. Now I love holding onto memories in photos and such, but just being with friends on a night out without photos or social media makes me appreciate it all more. I love my friends and we don’t see each other often, so being with them in the moment is truly special. To only worry about them and be with them then is so nice.

I hope you learned something, or are inclined to go unplug. It truly is something amazing. A week is a long time though, so a day is good too. Now tell me, would you do this willingly? Or would it take a trip like mine to get you to do it?

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Youtube’s Finest & Worst Creators

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As of recent, the young demographic watches a lot of Youtube now. Especially with the new Youtube app, ‘Youtube Kids’. Before this app though, they would watch through the normal Youtube website/application.¬†With that comes a lot of the worst of Youtube people though. Kids could look up anything and be exposed to so much that their minds just can’t fathom.

With being a content creator for youtube, I see the good and bad for this new app. But I also know that the good outweighs the bad. Then I thought of the finest and worst people on youtube. So thus, here is a list I have created. For many reasons I am not putting in my friends on this list since I can go on for hours about them, and my own channel will not be in here as well because of obvious reasons. If you see someone on here who you love, make me change my mind. Comment below, these are my opinions but they can be changed! Make me change. Make me grow as a person, so let’s begin!

  1. Finest: Bethany Mota. Beth is a fun natured person. She always has a good time on camera, and does a wide range of videos! She truly was one of the OG crew on Youtube. My username is a spin off of hers, with my own twist. But she truly inspired me and many others. She has this good nature around her and I feel it through a screen, which is really hard to do. She has not been uploading recently, but I go back to her channel all the time whenever I want, and that’s the beauty of Youtube. If she decides to stop all together, I would not be mad. I can go back to her channel and watch her old stuff over and over again.
  2. Worst: Jake¬†& Logan Paul. As I’m writing this, Shane Dawson is doing a series on Jake Paul, 5 parts to this series about Jake Paul. To know the real him. Shane has a hunch/conspiracy that Jake is a sociopath. Now, I don’t watch them whatsoever, so I cannot say that is true or false. I do not watch either of the Paul brothers because they are bad natured people. They do pointless/stupid pranks all the time. I can enjoy a fun prank where no one gets hurt, but it’s like they do not care whatsoever! Also with Logan and the suicide forest in Japan, just made me lose respect. I had respect before, but not anymore. I know he apologized but it didn’t feel sincere. I know these brothers do not have a channel together, but for this list I mashed them together.
  3. Finest: Joana Ceddia. Joana is new to the Youtube world. She started uploading this past summer. She is a fellow Canadian Youtuber and I love her because of that. If you are new to her, she is a comedian essentially. She’s the same type of creator as Emma Chamberlain is. Back to Joana though, she is so funny. I can tell she loves making videos. That she’s excited to film every time she films. I don’t know honestly how Joana got so many followers/subscribers so quickly. She went from having 3000 subscribers about 2 weeks ago, now she’s at 963,733 subscribers (at the time I’m writing this, there’s probably more by the time this gets posted). She’s multi-talented. She paints, swims, runs, and draws really well. Oh, and her love for cookies is unreal.
  4. Worst: KSI. KSI started 8 years ago, with doing gameplay videos. I heard about him not eight years ago, around 3-4 years ago. So still a long time ago. He had roughly 4 million subscribers I think, and he still was doing gameplays then. It’s now, where I don’t like his stuff. Also with the KSI vs Logan Paul fight, I couldn’t handle all of this now. I don’t see his personality anywhere, that’s just me though.
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Youtube and these people can obviously change over time. So I hope everyone here changes and develops as people. I do really like a lot of people, I know by saying worst, is a lot. But again these are my opinions and again like I said earlier if you feel strongly about anyone here and want to change my mind, go ahead! Comment your opinions down below. Make me change my mind. I enjoy debates and I hope we can all be respectful here. 

Three Things That Always Happens Before You Burn Out

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If you’ve been online for a long time, you have seen many people ‘burn out’. They get tired of the same thing, or they are stuck in a loop of constant-ness and they simply can not handle it anymore.

I’ve been in a burnt out situation myself, while I have gone through this so have many other people. Recently two people I love went through a burn out;¬†Alisha Marie and Elle Mills. There are more signs to a burn out, but these are the most common ones. And please note as well, if you are dealing with more than a burn out and a mental illness please reach out and talk to someone whether it be online, calling, or going to therapy.

  1. Not getting new ideas.

Now at first this just feels like writers block, video block, any type of block. You’re just having an off week! That’s it! Everyone gets those! That’s why you write down all your ideas so you can go to them when you simply cannot think of one!

But it’s when you don’t want to do them. I have times where I just cannot get my camera out of the expensive bag. Or even to edit the footage I have. Simply put, I have spells. It’s been with me since I have started posting on YouTube. I post weekly for the most part, but for a month I stop, then I come back like everything is normal.

2. Being Unmotivated

Again, this one is not doing anything. You feel like you’re done. You can’t do anything. You wake up, have your coffee, go to Netflix and your day is just gone. You may go to Walmart or Target to get a few necessities but that is it. You did nothing today. You did nothing the day before. You did nothing this past week.

When I went through this phase, I was also unemployed. So I would wake up, get a coffee in me, then go online ‘to look for a job’. I was picky with my job search though. I would apply/email to 5 places and then call it a day. Then I would waste my time on Youtube, Netflix, Twitter, Instagram, etc. My days were wasted. I did nothing for a solid 2 months. Realizing this now it is scary to me. My life has taken a 180 since then.

3.  Realizing

To realize you need to take a break. That is when you know you’ve hit a point. To need time off officially. To not feel bad about it. To take the time to do what you want; and when you want. To not post on your platform is so hard when you’ve been doing it for so long.

The girls I mentioned before, both took breaks. Alisha’s was a 3 month break. But she wasn’t totally gone. The first month she dove more into Instagram, and did more for that platform. The next month, she did take time off but she did vlog a few days because she wanted to. Not because she had to. Then the final month was for re-branding. She did a photoshoot, she re-did her channel art and everything you can think of. She always has poured her heart into things, but this time I can tell she has changed. Her content has changed, not entirely, but she has changed for the better.

Elle Mills, she takes her time with her videos now. No rush for her. She takes her time, even though she was roasting her brother before he went to college was rushed, but that was simply because he was leaving soon. Anyways, she didn’t explain it like Alisha did, but I’m sure she has been doing well. She looks well, and honestly she is inspiring to me.

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All in all, I think we all can learn from anyone who goes through a burn out situation. You can sympathize for them, but also relate very well. Work is too much for my Mom right now, and she saw that in Elle when I was watching her on our TV. My mother related to a girl younger than her daughter. She saw that, and my mom is taking action at work to make it less stressful, and more enjoyable for herself.

Leave a comment below telling me about your situations with burn out, how you dealt with it.

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