Personal Branding in Social Media

As a graphic designer the first thing we are taught is the importance of branding and especially the importance of personal branding. The first steps to putting yourself out there are having a well-rounded personal brand to establish yourself by. How can you expect people to want to work with you and trust you to create an ever-lasting brand identity for them if you do not even have one for yourself?

What they do not teach or really tell you is the importance of carrying out your personal brand on social media. Yes, we have personal websites that have our branding applied to them but not everyone applies that to their social media as well. What do I mean by applying your personal brand to social media? Having all your profile pictures in sync, having a well curated Instagram theme, using colours that are part of your brand and posting content relevant to your brand’s mission statement.

In a previous blog post of mine I talked about the importance of an Instagram theme. I’ll explain again what I mean by that; having all your images be similar in content and/or the use of similar colours within images. Now it might seem easy or maybe you’re thinking that that does not sound easy at all and you would be right. It is very hard to properly execute and maintain an Instagram theme. It limits what type of content you can post, which makes it difficult to post regularly and keep your audience intrigued. Now I will admit I am a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to this topic, I have a personal brand (sort of, it is in transition right now so bare with me) but it is not very well executed over my social media. Hey now before you roll your eyes like I said my brand is in transition and properly executing an Instagram theme is very difficult but can be extremely rewarding.

Here is an example of my Instagram page and branding, notice similar colour tones and themes within the images:

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 1.33.33 PM

Here is a great article I think you should read on the importance of personal branding and social media: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding

Think you’re up to the challenge of creating and running your personal brand on social media?

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How Many Stars Does It Have?

Remember the dark days of having to choose a restaurant by just pointing to one? Taking the risk of not liking anything on the menu and just winging it. Well thanks to social media we no longer have to face those fears. Alright I’m being a bit dramatic but I am a huge foodie and I can be a bit picky when it comes to picking what to eat so I’m the kind of person who always looks online ahead of time. Not only do I go a quick google search to browse the menu but I search TripAdvisor to see ratings and reviews, I creep Instagram to see images of the dishes to see what looks good to eat. Okay, I am a bit extreme but hey I love food and I take it seriously because I do not want to be disappointed.

Another thing I love about social media and the food world is food blogging/food pictures. I love taking pictures of my food and posting them to Instagram, and people always ask me why I do this and do people really want to see this? I mean I hope they do, but the reason I post pictures of my food and give them reviews is so my friends/followers can see how great this place is and check it out for themselves. If a restaurant has a great atmosphere, amazing food and good staff then you better believe I will stand behind them and post on all social media about them to get the word out there.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 7.35.12 PM

This is the level of dedication to food blogging I aspire to have.

A huge benefit to sites like TripAdvisor is for travellers to find great local restaurants in an unknown area. I have two examples of how this is beneficial to the user:

  1.  I was travelling in Europe and  I used TripAdvisor to find local cafes and restaurants to eat in and every one I went to was absolutely incredible and for sure not somewhere I would have found on my own. Being able to see ratings and reviews really came in handy.
  2. I am planning a trip to Alaska in a month and being vegetarian poses a difficultly when trying to find places to eat, especially up north. Being able to look ahead of time on TripAdvisor to not only find good restaurants in the area but also find ones that are vegetarian friendly so I don’t have to worry while I’m there is a huge benefit.


Check out some of Ottawa’s local food blogs for some great suggestions on where to eat:

Narcity Ottawa  /  Apt613

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Swipe, Swipe, Tap

What ever happened to chivalry and old school dating? You know where you run into a cute boy and they ask you on a date, they pick you up at the door and take you to dinner and dancing, walk you home and kiss you goodnight. Now guys just swipe right on Tinder to let you know they are interested. Sure I am a millennial in many way I will admit that; I am addicted to my cellphone, social media and $7 Starbucks coffees but when it comes to dating and relationships I’m old school.

I refuse to use dating apps and I refuse to let social media run/ruin our relationships. Not only is social media ruining the way we meet people it is ruining the way we date them too. We see them like another girls picture or we see Snapchat stories of them out at a bar and we get jealous and mad and it causes a fight. And thanks to Twitter we can easily let the world know how angry we are in a mass tweeting spree that we can soon regret and delete. Ah the joys of social media.

Another downside of dating and social media is we only post the glorious side to our relationships in the attempt to make other jealous. We don’t post the fights and breakups just the happy. Seeing these images can really mess with one’s mind. I can attest for this, I have recently become single and my timelines are constantly flooded with pictures of couples out to dinner, on dates, at the beach or kissing. I see these images and I get sad because I don’t have that and I feel lonely and jealous… but then I remember that all couples have fights and flaws you just don’t see. Dam you social media and your influence on us millenniums.

Here is an article that explains how we date now:
This Is How We Date Now

Do you think dating has been tarnished by todays use of social media?

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Instagram Identity – Who Are You? #COM0011

One of the outmost important things for not only a company but an individual to have is proper social media identity and branding. As a graphic designer I can say with confidence that branding is everything. When a company has a good brand their products and services sell themselves. Now a days with social media being so prominent in our lives it is essential that companies execute their branding properly over social media as well.

What is an Instagram theme? An Instagram theme is all about visual consistency by using consistent composition, colours, and content throughout all your images posted to your account. Having an Instagram theme is important when running a companies account but also equally important for an individual as well. Using a theme for your personal Instagram account perceives you as a professional and shows potential employers the care and dedication you put into your social media presence.

Not sure where to start or what your theme should be? You can take many quizzes online or view themes on Pinterest. Here is a fun quiz you can take to find out your theme: Capture Your Style by Aimee Song is an amazing book I would recommend to anyone that needs help finding and executing your new style throughout your Instagram account. I encourage everyone to find their style and execute a proper Instagram theme.


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