Christmas in October for terminally ill boy celebrated by Ontario town

In St. George, Ontario it has already Christmas light and decoration in a little town in Ontario. A boy Called Evan is 7 years who has been battling with brain cancer since he was 2 years old. Evan was diagnosed with cancer a couple of days before he turned two. He completed 70 weeks of chemotherapy.

In January 2015, he began losing mobility in his arm and leg.

Recently, doctors gave the bad news to Evan’s parents that the MRI result showed the tumour had grown and branched out to other areas of the brain. Doctors say there’s no other treatment, Evan received 30 more chemotherapy and no recovering. The doctors suggested to the family celebrate Christmas early this year.

The bad news, made Evan’s cousins to put awareness of having Christmas in October. They hand out flyers, starting a Facebook page and fundraising to make the most of Christmas in October.

The entire town heard Evan’s story and the community began to put Christmas lights out early and decorate homes for Evan.

Hundreds of houses in St. George are fully decked out with Christmas decoration and a huge parade is planned to go right past Evan’s house this Saturday.

Evan and family have been had an interviewed Wednesday on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning, and Evan is so excited to see Christmas soon.

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