Is the NHL involved in a new take of David and Goliath?


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Ever since the NHL was created in 1917 it has been evolving. Just like any other business it had to adapt to different eras and trends. The NHL is considered to have a smaller market when comparing them to other sports like the NBA or the NFL. Throughout the 100 years the NHL has been around they have been able to stay healthy focusing on their market. Now they have the chance to expand into new markets, as well as get real-time reactions from their currents ones. How can they do this? Well through social media of course.

Right now we are in the time of social media. Never before has there been something that connects consumers to companies instantly. Social media gives smaller companies a better chance against the ‘big guys’ (eg. NHL vs. NBA, NFL, MLB, etc). Companies not using it would be putting themselves at a disadvantage against their competitors. In David Garland’s article How the NHL Has Risen to the Top of Social Media By Being Entrepreneurial he makes a good comparison of the NHL being David and the ‘big guys’ being Goliath, but through their use of social media, the NHL stays relevant.


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It isn’t just specifically the NHL’s social media account. All of the NHL team’s accounts have created an environment for fans to interact with each other and the team. The teams will even have entertaining interactions with each other. Like when the Dallas Stars, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Philadelphia Flyers had this conversation. It’s interactions like these that make NHL fans love their teams even more.


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The NHL has also started streaming live games through Twitter for anybody to watch. Yes, this gave people easy access to watch some hockey, but it also brought more traffic through the NHL’s twitter page.

Being interactive with your consumers can lead to real-time feedback as well as offering market research for your company. Whether you like it or not, this is the way all companies are moving. Social media is here, and its here to stay.

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Is the NHL involved in a new take of David and Goliath?

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Is the NHL involved in a new take of David and Goliath?